Friday Nights Talkshow

PLEASE JOIN Friday Nights Talkshow this FRIDAY, May 28 at 9:30 PM SLT to discuss the subject of whether “MODELS SHOULD GET PAID MORE THAN THE OUTFITS BEING MODELED”.

They are looking for 2 panelist, one that is for paying models money and one that is against paying models money,  to discuss the subject of whether or not models should be paid lindens instead of clothing.  If you feel you want to be appart of this discussion please either im  or send Nefertiti Kimagawa a notecard with you name, position you are on, and the agency and or clothing line you represent.

FRIDAY NIGHT TALKSHOW with WURLITZER SEISENBACHER & NEFERTITI KIMAGAWA is one of the most prestigious live shows on the SL scene.

It started in  December of 2007, as Wurlitzer Seisenbacher always wanted to prove to everybody that there was more to Second Life than just sex and gambling.

In August of 2007 he created his first  live talkshow in Second Life gathering some of the best designers, creators, and innovators, of Second Life.

Starting as a text only interview the show quickly drew a lot of attention and in a few months with the new deployment of SL Voice, Wurlitzer Seisenbacher decided to also tap into the virtues of SL voice.

In 2010,  Nefertiti Kimagawa signed on to be the co-host.
With over 100+ guests the show has been full of nonstop entertainment, laughs, and so much more!

Friday Night Talkshow with Wurlitzer Seisenbacher & Nefertiti Kimagawa.
Friday Nights 9:30PM SLT
Please join the group WURLS WURLD
or IM: Wurlitzer Seisenbacher to be a guest…
In Wurlitzer Seisenbacher’s words, it’s not just another talkshow. “It’s a Friday Night Addiction!”

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