Tres Beau ~ Triple Hit (Part 2)

With all designers, whether you are creating jewelry, clothing or architectural structures – like furniture or buildings, the fine details is what brings the whole outlook together.  This is of the utmost importance for the customer because a well designed piece is just like art.  It enhances you or your room and adds a sense of feeling, or it should.  Let’s face it, if you aren’t happy with it you won’t want to buy, wear or show it.

Kimmera Madison is one such designer that strives for high quality and detail.  She takes her time and makes sure every piece is just right.  Unless she has that feeling, that feeling of pride and accomplishment and would wear it herself, she won’t showcase it in her store.

This first cocktail dress is called Solange, aptly named after Solange Benoir, President of Pulse Point Marketing, LLC.  The richness of the mocha color combined with detailed shadows along the creases and edges gives this a beautiful 3D effect.

The top and waist comes with silky fan-like attachments that add a flair and eye-pleasing visual, emphasizing the neck, shoulders and waist.  All the places that a woman finds pleasing to be touched by her special someone.  For an additional feminine touch, a darker mocha rose is placed in between the top and waist fans.   The bubble skirt, in the same lovely mocha color, is fun and flirty and has darker low lights at the bottom which makes the color stand out.

This cocktail is perfect for those semi-formal parties, weddings and grand openings.

This is one of the latest gowns from Tres Beau called Jori.  The bold silver on soft silk calls out elegance and grace.

The top is adorned with a V-Shape neckline trimmed with delicate lace that goes from the front, along the shoulders and down the back.  This gives the silk a jewelled-like accessory.  The top is like a corset, adorned with lace and hugs the upper and lower torso with ripped silk that is met with a beautiful lace applique. The skirt is also accentuated at the front with a piece of layered silk that is laid horizontally in waves, adding a free flowing feel.  There are also matching silver gloves.

Not to forget about decorating your beautiful up-do.  Kimmera has designed a matching silver rose that fits perfectly with any hair up-do.  This rose completes the outfit, making the whole picture come together from head to toe.  As well, this rose looks great on either side of your hair.

This gown is a must have for any wardrobe for elegant high-class occasions.

This last outfit I’m showing you today is called Phe.  A hot lingerie piece that brings about thoughts of passion, sexiness and temptation.  Temptation because anyone you wear this for will most certainly not be able to keep their hands off of you.

The bodice is decorated with multiple layers of criss-crossing black silk ribbons over almost see through black fabric, giving form your upper and lower curves.   With it, an optional shoulder wrap providing sensual eye candy for your sexy shoulders.  The skirt is made of the same see through black fabric with additional highlights of gold in the middle and a black lace design at the bottom.  This gives the skirt multiple areas to which you loved one can use to admire your hips and legs.

When you want to give that special someone a present, something so beautiful and confident, one that no one else can give – and I mean you – this is most definitely the outfit you should wear.  Hands down.

I have included a limo below for you to check out these and the other wonderful Tres Beau lines.

Limo to Tres Beau Main Store

Thank you for reading and happy shopping.

~ Jen  : )

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