Mister Avatar World CONTEST

Mister Avatar World 2010 Contest.
Contest organized by Evenementia Company.

It’s a male avatars beauty contest putting forward designers work (clothes, jewels, shoes).
It’s free and open to all avatars who want to participate.

This contest is linked in some steps:

You have to subscribe by Lalabel Demina, Iko Aker, Annah Cham or Kryss Holmer.
While subscribing, please send two photos of you (a portrait and a full body) in a notecard, with the name and first name of your avatar, its rezzday and nationality.

The contest jury will select 18 avatars among all candidatures, which will compose the first casting of Mister Avatar World 2010 election.
So these 18 candidates will enter the Mister Avatar 2010 contest.

*Beginning of the contest.
– The first 3 turns: In each turn, candidates will go past in two times: first time in evening outfit, and second time in swimsuit or underwear. Outfits are chosen by models themselves in the collection they’ve made with their designers (cf. “Model and designer choice”).
A candidate has 2 minutes each time. If the model goes past two minutes, there will be penalty points for him (cf. “marking and jury”).

Between two times models parade, they can change haircuts and accessories, but they can’t change skin and shape.
Of course, it is advised to change outfits at each turn (to use at the best designer’s wardrobe).

Each turn, 2 candidates will be eliminated by the jury. At the end of the first 3 turns 3 fashions shows), it’ll remain only 12 candidates.

– The two following turns (quarter final and semi-final): the principle is the same than in first three turns, except each candidate will go past 3 times of 2 minutes each. The first time will be in evening/cocktail outfit, the second time will be in urban/casual outfit, and the last time will be in swimsuit or underwear.

Each turn, 2 candidates will be eliminated by the jury. At the end of these turns (2 fashions shows), it’ll remain only 6 models.

*The final:
There will be 6 candidates for this final:
Same principle in 6 times:
1) Urban/ classical/ casual outfit.
2) Unusual outfit.
3) Swimsuit.
4) Underwear.
5) Evening outfit.
6) Married outfit.

“Models and designer choice”.
Each model will chose to represent him one or various designers.
So, he will offer to him (or them) an advertising visibility.
A model can chose 2 clothes designers and 1 accessories designer (jewels, shoes…).
Chosen designers will have an advertisement on event blog.
This choice is not obligatory. Models can do their show with outfits from various designers.
However, we advise future models to choose a designer to be sustained in all contest steps.

1)    Candidates promise to be here 30 minutes minimum before the beginning of shows or they can be eliminated.
2)    If two candidates or more are not here for one show, they will be all eliminated but the fashion show would take place.
3)    If a candidate goes past two minutes allowed in each turn, 2 points will be removed from his global mark.
4)    Organizers reserve the right to eliminate a candidate whenever they want and for various reasons.
5)    When you subscribe, please specify you read all rules and approve them.

“I, (Avatar’s name and first name), recognize I read rules and approve them. I also agree to be photographed and that these photos are used in-game and in websites or blogs”.
(Put subscription notecard in “no modify”)

*Jury and marking:
Jury will be composed of various members: 2 Evenementia Company representatives, 2 sponsors’ representatives, a fashion representative in Second Life, an independent designer minimum. All of this can evolve before the beginning of the contest.
Each judge will give a mark /10 in each model passing (various criteria).
So when there are two passing in the evening, model will have two marks /10 given by the judge.
The amount of all jury marks will indicate models’ classification order.

*Organization and Planning:
•    May:
1)    Approach of sponsors and partners.

2)    Communication about the event (Model agencies, Fashion magazines, designers…).

3)    From May 17th: Candidates subscription.

•    June:
4)    June 1st (midnight): End of subscriptions.

5)    June 3rd: Winnings final choice.

6)    June 6th: Selected candidates’ announcement.

*Contest steps:
Selected candidates’ announcement/ Opening evening: June 6th, 1PM SL Time. (On France3D Virtualya sim)
1st Turn: June 9th, 1PM SL Time: on Jura sim.
2nd Turn: June 13th, 1PM SL Time: on France3D Virtualya sim.
3rd Turn: June 16th, 1PM SL Time: on France3D Virtualya sim
4th Turn: June 20th, 1PM SL Time: on Jura sim.
Semi-final: June 23rd, 1PM SL Time: on France3D Virtualya sim.
Final: June 26th, 1PM SL Time: on Jura sim.

Winnings (not clearly defined at the moment):
Mister Avatar 2010:  10,000L$ + prizes.
2nd: 5000L$ + prizes.
3rd: 2000L$ + prizes.

There will be limited and “here” at each contest step.
Indeed, they will enjoy advertising boards (with LM and notecards) during each turn.
“Contracts” among sponsors and the Team will be done on a case by case basis: please contact us.

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