CreativEdge One Source: FREE On-Sight Advertising

CreativEdge ONE SOURCE Information

Introducing The Newest FREE On-Sight Advertsing …. CreativEdge One Source!

What Are We?
CreativEdge ONE SOURCE is the newest all-in-one advertising location in Second Life for everyone dealing in the Modeling/Fashion Industry. We are a Information HUB and not a magazine or blog.

How Much Does It Cost?
It is a totally FREE service provided as a way to give back to those who spend countless hours making this Industry one of a kind.

Why Are We Doing This For Free?
As you know, the Modeling Industry can be quite expensive. Advertising as well is very expensive and to assist everyone from the biggest Designer to the smallest Modeling Agency, we thought this would be a nice gesture. And we all know that anything free is a welcomed relief!

Who Do We Advertise For?
Modeling Agencies, Modeling/Fashion/Photography Academies, Photography Studios, Contests, Fashion Shows, Clothing, Designers, Jewelers, Shape Designers, Skin Designers, Hair Designers, Bloggers, Pose Makers, Magazines, and just about anything and everything else that you can imagine related to the Modeling/Fashion Industry.

Where Are We Located?

How Do You Sign Up?
Simply fill out this attached information card and rename it: CreativEdge One Source – Your Name

Get & Give the notecard to: Kaliope Faith

You will be contacted once your business is added CreativEdge One Source.

Thank You!

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