Sole Accessory ~ Making Heat Waves

Okay, now, let me say this on Shouko Kanto’s new jewelry line called, Sole EX, ………… OMG.  This line is simply put, HOT.  Like water on a fire, you will steam up the room and anyone wearing glasses when you walk into the room.

All the jewelry pieces come in 5 colors, red, blue, black, purple and yellow – matching any outfit you have in that inventory of yours.  I wore all the colors in my picture to show you what they look like.

The necklace has 3 leather pieces, each with multiple silver metal insets and a silver metal ring at each end, strung by a detailed chain.  The earrings are leather accented by diamonds, with the same metal rings at each end and is suspended by a chain and diamond head.  The larger bracelet perfectly fits your wrist with a metal buckle and has the same detail as the earrings, only accentuated more in size.  There is also a simple leather bracelet on the right hand with a metal buckle.

Now the rings.  Not only is there a main ring on the left hand, with a diamond head and leather band, but there is also a simple leather ring that goes with it.  For the right hand, you have multiple leather rings, with the same textured leather.  The best part, with each set of colored rings, you get matching nails with diamond bling.  In the set, there are multiple sizes to make sure everyone can wear them.  I love this!  : )

Finally, the belt.  This hot, waist hugging piece has matching leather texture accents, leather strap that fits in between silver metal loops.  To add another level to this belt, and bring another view, each belt has a detailed fabric inlay that brings together all the pieces together.

Now there is another necklace not shown in this picture, and yes, it is just as fabulous.  So, you’ll need to tp down (limo below) to her store and take a look.

LM To Sole Accessory Main Store

Happy shopping : )

~ Jen

CONFESSIONS JOB ALERT: EIMA Casting Call for Female Models

EIMA Open Casting for Female Models (New & Experienced Models Welcome)

Thank you for your interest in Elegance International Agency. We are an agency of highly distinctive, sophistication and beautiful models. All Models are hand selected to join in the agency and we expect the best of the best. We also go beyond the runway in our creativity of each show. I wish you the best of luck and thank you again for your interest.

Saturday 8th May @ 8am
Saturday 8th May @ 4pm
Monday 10th May @ 1pm


You will be asked to walk the runway in 3 outfits. One avant garde, one casual and one beach/swimwear.

Completion of this form and returning the NC to Naiya Kazyanenko. Instructions are listed below.

Please include your photos here.. include a headshot and full body. We ask no nudity please.
enter photos here:


Day of casting:: (Please put day you will be casting)

Full SL Name ::

SL Age and gender::

Nationality/Ethnicity ::


Modelling Goals ::

Available times on SL (use SL time)::

Type of Modelling Preferred:: Runway, Photography , Promotional::

Academies Attended ::

Modelling Experience in SL ::

Agencies Listed With ::

Do you have a modelling portfolio or flickr page? (if portfolio create a folder and insert application and portfolio..if flickr insert url here)::

How many hours of modelling work are you willing to put in per week?

Do you have your own poses, modelling clothes, alternate skins and shapes and hair? Comment if necessary ::

Are you wiling to change your shape or skin upon designers request?::


Please send completed application and folder ( if you have a portfolio) to Naiya Kazyanenko. Make sure to add your name to the title of the nc and also of your folder naming it EIMA Application *your name here*.

— Any notecard not correctly filled out or changed to add your name will not be accepted. —

Thank you for your interest and good luck!
Naiya Kazyanenko
Manager, EIMA

“SCENE IT”: Team edo Presents “The Third Year Anniversary Wedding Show” Video

The 3rd Year Anniversary

Show – March 27 (Sat), 2pm SLT

Runway: Patch Thibaud Auditorium

Styles of edo
edo Tone, Owner

Director: Kay Fairey
DJ: Aris Earnshaw


Styles of edo
Bliss Couture
Morea Style
Sparkle Style Designs
Orage Creations
Virtual Impressions

Team edo
Andrew Laguna
Clif Sharktooth
Tesan Lane
Takeshi Kiama
Rod Insippo
RicoRacer Flux
Alf Whitaker

SL Top Models
Laura18 Streeter
Mui Mukerji
Sabine Blackburn
Miaa Rebane
Mimmi Boa
Cherie Parker
Payton Heron

Film & Editing
PriMajicka Studios
Synthia Quintessa, CEO
Constantine Carpaccio, CEO

*RicoRacer Flux “The Journey”:
Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a Team edo model. I’ve asked around and waited for castings to join this very elite group. Then one day, I received a message from Kay Fairey that she would like to talk to me. I was very nervous; I thought I was in trouble. LOL. She invited me to be a Team edo model. One of my dreams and goals had come true. I was so overjoyed. Kay then asked me if I would like to be in the Team edo Third Year Anniversary Wedding Show. WOW, I was really honored, being the newest member of the Team edo family, that they would asked me to be in such an important show. While waiting backstage at the rehearsals, I was in awe as one supermodel after another started showing up. Mimmi, Mui, Cherie, Payton, Laura, Miaa, Sabine…. and that’s just the ladies. LOL. I felt really welcomed by the group.

Breath in and out. LOL. NO pressure. My debut as a Team edo model happened to be The Styles of edo Third Year Anniversary Show at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium. No sweat! I can do it, I tell myself. LOL. Then Kay dropped the bomb that Mr Linden will be attending the show and this is his first time watching a fashion show in SL. Oh LAWDY!

I think the show went very well. It was so elegant and beautiful with every kind of wedding dresses and suits you can ever imagined or dreamed of. I was so honored to be part of it. Most of all, edo Tone gave me a compliment after the show. =D YAY!