FASHION CALENDAR: Boulevard Agency Presents Champagne Sparkling Fashion 5/6 2PM SLT

Boulevard Agency presents
Champagne! Sparkling Fashion 1st Anniversary Show
on the Boulevard Agency Runway
May 6 (Thur), 2pm SLT

From Kay Fairey, Agency Director and model for Boulevard Agency, Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy CEO, Team edo Director and writer for the Best of SL Magazine.

Please check out Kay Fairey’s Fashion Blog:

Tres Beau ~ A Triple Hit (Part 1)

I was delighted after being gone for two weeks to hear that Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau was releasing new designs.  Yes, I am partial to her creations as she does a superb job.  So, without further adieu, I give you the first three of her new designs coming soon.

This gown is just beautiful.  The way it shimmers when the light hits it shows the great skill Kimmera put into this gown.  This is not an easy thing to do, especially when it comes to applying sheer to a prim.

The top, made of the same material, blends perfectly with the gown prim making it seamless.  With the multi colors of champagne, bronze/brown and gold it’s like wearing a piece of art – well it is in fact.  Add to it a beautiful shawl and side drape with detailed orchid flowers in gold and champagne, makes you feel like you are walking in heaven.

This gown is perfect for those special occasions, parties and social gatherings where you will certainly be the centre of attention.  Just be sure to make time for your sweetie.  ; )

Now when I first saw this gown, I thought of richness, decedance and glamour.  Kinda like how movie star used to be in RL.  I also got a craving for both dark and milk chocolate, because, well, those beautful rich browns reminded me of that too.  (And yes, I did go to the store later and used needing a few groceries anyways to validate my craving for a chocolate bar :P)

Not only are the colors exquisite, but the smoothness of the fabric makes you (or at least me) want to really feel it.  Like it’s supposed to be soft and silky. But no, I didn’t reach out and try.  But that is just a testimate to Kimmera’s talent.  The flow, the draping of the fabric in the light brown gown and how the full cape in dark brown hugs around you.  It’s like wearing a piece of heaven.  And the brooch in the middle adds that panache and sparkle that draws your eyes to whomever is wearing this work of art.

When you wear this gown to an art opening, the opera or a gala event, you will be surely at the centre of attention.

Now, my last piece for this posting is the new hot pant outfit call Chek.  I am wearing the red version, but it also comes in Bronze.  And it’s hot too.

The checkered texture and blended low lights in the pants shape your body and shows off your hot little curves.  Adding to that, the piece de resistance, the jacket.  Now, if you want to step out on the scene and make a dramtic entrance, well, just look at this outfit.  Need I say more?  I wore this outfit out after taking this pic and I got so many compliments and people asking me where I got it.  I was sad to tell them it wasn’t out in store yet but it would be soon.

Now back to the jacket.  lol  The duo sleeves and high collar give a Tokyo high fashion look.  This definately makes you stand out as no one else has come up with this type of designing *crosses her fingers Kimmera comes out with more colors* ; )  This outfit is hot, sexy, stylish and perfect for those club openings, fashion shows and networking social gatherings.

I will be coming out soon with more, but hopefully this is just enough for now to wet your appetite.

Limo to Main Store

Happy Shopping

~ Jen  : )