FASHION CALENDAR: Timeless Presents Paris Metro Gala Opening & Fashion Show

Vous êtes invités à l’ouverture Paris Metro Gala

You are invited to the Paris Metro Gala Opening

♥♥♥♥♥♥You Are Beautiful Party♥♥♥♥♥♥

Celebrating Paris Metro’s new home in Paris, France at La Samaritaine.

When: May 1, Saturday commencing at 11 AM SL time
♥ Fashion Show at 11:00 AM: Timeless Agency Models & DAZZLERS Inc. Dancers
♥ Live Music at Noon: Craig Lyons Writer
♥ DJ, Dancing and Gifts

Bring a friend and dance as we celebrate together.


We wish to thank all of you for making this party possible and special thanks to:
Netpal Igaly, Ziget Tammas and the great team of the Admicile Group,
LollyPop Congrejo for her extraordinary building design of the La Samaritaine,
Tycoonbabe Solo marketing guru extraordinar,
Garyth Trevellion, Mudlin Sitng and Texture Warehouse for their great design support.
Timeless Model Agency, Dazzlers Inc. and Kalli Birman, entertainment management.

Hope to see you all there :))
Tu es magnifique xox!

*Taken from the show invite


EIMA presents ART ASYLUM Fashion Show

EIMA presents:
Afterhours of the Art Asylum Spring Show by Sandee Dagger

Saturday May 1st, 2010
1pm SLT

LM –

Daniele Eberhardt
darkevilone Demonia
Giada Oh
Naiya Kazyanenko
Rory Summerwind

Hostess: Alexia Speizer
Dj: Allenclive Beaumont

Show coordinator: Shanen Hax

CONGRATULATIONS: Live Auditions for Mister and Miss Virtual World

CONGRATULATIONS to the following models who are invited to a live audition for Mr and Miss Virtual World.
Good Luck ALL. ROCK iT!


The following models are invited to a live audition this sunday May 2nd at any of the following times:

08:00 am SLT
12:00 pm (noon) SLT
06:00 pm SLT

You will be asked to do a catwalk and 1 pose for 15 secs at the end of the runway.
Come dressed to impress the judges.

Katherine Comet
Dementia Navarita
Ellekirsten Gossipgirl
Ananya Mai
Sassy Oh
Arkaine Cazalet
Diconay Boa
Angelik Slade
Valeria Endrizzi
Christensia Parkin
Redhairgenie Cabassoun
Talia Lefavre
Pure Nikolaidis
Calista Ella
Brie Pinazzo
Lela Exonar
Voff Uggla
Madeleine Ansome
Bunny Tomorrow
Kimber Kassner
Morgane Batista
Cieleste Magic
Raelynn Loxely
Hatchy Mills
Magicmirror Fayray
Amalia Foxtrot
Kiera Tyles
Leandra Breen
Harlee Lane
Hye Omizu
Marika Blaisdale
Arcane Delight
Kiki Devin
Emma Portilo
Hecate Cortes
Rakusu Aabye
Imani Enzo
Carilynn OHare
Lills Liotta
Darling Tomorrow
Tonya Coppola
Dagda Burner
Jenie Jennings
Reign Congrejo
Blackliquid Tokyoska
Roe Woodford
Naiya Kazyanenko
Diane Handschuh
Cristal Triellis
Marissa Bruun
Sally Spark
Seashell Dench
Shavonne Kayor
SterlingZen Harbour
Kelcie Alsop


The judges would like to see the following male models at a live audition on Sunday May 2nd at 10:00 am SLT or 4:00 pm SLT.

You may choose either one of these audition times (not both).

The Official list of candidates for Mr. Virtual World 2010 will be announced sunday evening.

Come dressed to impress the judges!

Noah Dionysus
Dominic Palisade
Wasley Witrial
Bierno Yoshikawa
Danielle Eberhardt
Alic White
Shane SecretSpy
alixx Tolsen
Dragonbird Amiot
Mauricioo Giano
Viscount Menatep
Justin Hanly
maddox kaestner
Siddhart sohmers
Axel Somerset
Harsch Sharktooth

Best Wishes, Everyone.
May you shine like the stars that you all are.