FASHION CALENDAR: Styles of edo Presents Narkissos 5/1 2PMSLT

Styles of edo News, 27th April

Narkissos Fashion show 7th/Formal wear

Presented by Styles of edo
Director:Kay Fairey

Save the date! May 1 (Sat), 2pm SLT

A La Folie
Angel Dessous
Blis Couture
Morea Style
Sonatta Morales

And more from…

Tsukinowaguma (hair)
Virtual Impressions (jewelry)

Styles of edo Main shop Location

Styles of edo Blog

Styles of edo X street

Fashion Village “Narkissos”
Fashin Blog “Nymph”

Fashion Town “Ekho”,Virtual Impressions and morea style

Styles of edo Owner:edo Tone

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