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– Ramona Planer and Mirtha Marjeta, Designers of the month
– Antuanet Forcella, Model of the month
– Accessory Fair 2010 Review
– Eco-fashion that makes you think green
– April Fool’s day looks, spring wedding gowns…
– Mystery Shopper: our new columnist visits Fishy Strawberry
– Honey Bender as the future of fashion
– HoneyBear Lilliehook on being a supermodel and fashion director
– GIA Showcases reviews!

… and more!

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Cover Design by Sanders Beaumont
Photography by Amerique Silverspar

About GLANCE Magazine :

GLANCE Magazine is a high-quality, fashion-centric publication¬† released every month. It focuses on designers, style and beauty. We display the top picks of our fashion editors with upscale fashion photographies. Filled with style tips for the fashionista, marketing strategies for the designers and must-have looks for A-listers, GLANCE Magazine is a must-read for the fashionable avatar. With the wish to become a fashion bible, the magazine offers fashion statements and style mottos to assert one’s fashion identity.

GLANCE Magazine also serves as a promotion book to showcase the talented designers and their new collections spanning across the grid along with the latest fashion shows, hunts and photo contest that happens around Glance sim.

GLANCE Magazine is published and managed by GLANCE International Agency (GIA), with over 75 fashion shows planned during its first year in business including the successful International Fashion Day, 24 fashion shows in 24 hours that was featured in real world fashion blog!

You name it. We are all about fashion.