CONTEST: Moments Embraced Bikini Beach Contest

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~*~*~«´·.¸¸.•Moments Embraced  Bikini Beach Contest•.¸¸.·`»~*~*~

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Who:    Top 10 Runway Contest
When:   April 30, 2010  5pm slt
AT: Moments Embraced Runway
1st Place:  $5000L
2nd Place $2000L
3rd Place $1000L

Registrations must be completed and sent in no later than noon slt on April 22, 2010

Show Us what You’ve got

Do you have a beautiful body? DO you have a magical sense for flair and fashion? When you step out on the beach, be it Summer Days or all eyes turn to you?

Well then we want you!. Moments Embraced is sponsoring this wonderful Bikini Beach Contest. Bring out your best accessories.. show us how you can turn a bathing suit into a work of haute couture fashion and the best one wins!

Entering is Easy!
Anyone Can Enter!

First Join the Group: (costs 50L to Join)

Just fill in this Notecard and attach a few pictures. (full perm please) of you in a swim suit. This does not have to be the one you will use if your chosen to be in the top 10.

Good Luck Lovlies!


SL Rez Day:

Favorite Hobbies:

Favorite Colors:

List 3 Favorite Designers:

Explain in a brief paragraph what and who you are wearing and why you chose to wear them together in your photo outfits.

Head shot:

Full Body Shot:

** Remember we are looking for someone who can style amazingly and knows how to get noticed on the beach!

Send completed entry form to both:

Christabelle Vyper   and
Anastacia Markova

Good Luck Everyone!

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