Avenue Models :: LA Dolce Vita :: 4/17/10 @ 1pm SLT

AVENUE Models is proud to present for the second year running, a celebration of the best of Italian designers in Second Life, La Dolce Vita.  Celebrating the spirit inspired by the 1960 film by Federico Fellini, this year’s showcase will continue to represent the romance and charm of La Dolce Vita, “the sweet or good life”.

This year’s collection will feature the fresh Spring new releases from:
Alatiel Fashions
B! Fashion
DD Style
Glam Affair
Ginevra Lancaster
Lady Thera
Le Charme Fashion
Orage Creations

When:  Saturday, 17 April 1PM SLT

Where: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/AVENUE%20at%20GOL/6/239/2011

After Party party at AVENUE’s A Lounge |   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/AVENUE%20at%20GOL/113/83/22


Alatiel Fashions is a brand created back in August 2008 by Alatiel Malies. Alatiel’s fashion combines casual to elegance, for both men and women. If you choose Alatiel Fashions, you choose style, simplicity, but also refinement and personality. Constant efforts are made to create unique and original designs.

For more information please contact Alatiel Malies.

Barbarella Cioc, owner/designer for B! Fashion is a tremendous talent since she came into Second Life in 2007. An Italian based in Milan, her designs are beautifully detailed and fashion forward. This next collection only provides a small glimpse of what she can do.

For more information please contact Barbarella Cioc.

DD Style, the creation of designer Dadina Dosei, was born in September of 2006.  Bringing her RL creativity as clothing and jewelry designer to SL, Dadina immediately established herself.  She says destiny brought her companion, JhonnyGiò, a RL graphic designer, to her and since both have dedicated themselves to fashion.  From the luxurious and elegant evening dresses to their sophisticated clothes for everyday wear, DD Style is a tribute to femininity.  In May of 2008, DD Style had it’s first fashion show and opened a mainstore in Piazza Italia, still there today.

For more information please contact Dadina Dosei.
Glam Affair was founded in January 2010 and formerly known as Beauty Avatar from 2007.  Glam Affair is one of the most popular shops in SL with a huge selection of skin, clothes and accessories. The top quality and realistic fashions are realized from aida Ewing and Amberly Boccaccio, that try to stay up to the today’s fashion market.

For more information please contact Amberly Boccaccio.

Ginevra Lancaster started designing in SL more than 2 years ago and she still loves doing it.  She  is passionate of high quality textures and detailed attachments.  She brings her own unique high-street style in everything she does: from sexy mini dresses to stylish pantsuits, to man wear, and to those sensual, sophisticated evening gowns every lady dreams to wear.

For more information please contact Ginevra Lancaster.

Jador Fashion, the impeccable designs of Ziamela Loon, started in October of 2007. With her creative mind and quick talent, Ziamela decided to begin creating her own fashion line when she first started Second Life. Her designs range from the elegance of high fashion to the simplistic nature of her casual wears. And from here she notes the sky is the limit and says there is no telling what her crazy mind will invent next.

For more information please contact Ziamela Loon.

Thera Taurog, opened her first store, Lady Thera, in Mantova where it still remains today, her designs are a true testament to art and fashion.  Lady Thera describes her dresses as an interpretation of art from the greatest painters of all times. Giving one an ability to wear Renoir, Van Gogh, Pollock, Cézanne and many others.  An expression of color, in any possible combination brought to our second lives by Thera’s imagination.  She may have opened in Mantova but her creations are now recognized, not only in Italia, but throughout the grid for their vibrance and innovation.

For more information please contact Thera Taurog.

Le Charme Fashion is synonymous of style classical elegance and refined.  This fascinating journey started in September of 2009 when designers Ramona Planer, an already established designer,   and Mirtha Marjeta, designer and manager, combined their talents.  Merging Ramona’s classic style and elegance with Mirtha’s sexy and transgressive, the two designers were able to join the brand Le Charme Fashion clothes for every woman in all her styles.  Each outfit is sold with special accessories and careful attention to detail to make it even more complete and refined.

For more information please contact Ramona Planer.

MEB, by MariaElena Barbosa, is real style in Second Life.  Born in 2007, MEB set a style that goes from casual, urban style to evening outfits.  Pointing towards high quality textures and original colors, MEB offers  a casual, elegantly aggressive in the sets of jeans and leather jackets, coats and overcoats which highlight in the best way the sobriety of urban style, some special elegant dresses.  MEB has stores in shops and malls in over than 40 sims and holds fashion shows with prominent fashion agencies and productions companies.

For more information please contact MariaElena Barbosa.

Elettra Gausman is the designer and owner of the ORAGE Creations, but not only that.  A bold artist starting her SL adventure in 2007 as manager and event organizer of a top Italian jazz club, it wasn’t until later that Elettra entered the fashion business.  She is now known as a trend maker with her creations and dream dresses for every occasion. Elettra is also one of the founders of the BeStyle Magazine and BeStyle Models Agency and organizer of high level model competitions.  And in the past year she has begun to make skins to complete the female beauty… she’s a diamond with many facets.

For more information please contact Elettra Gausman.

The GOL was born because of founder Dakota Neumann’s passionate interest in design and architecture. It started in 2006 with a small plot of land and a Club. That Club evolved every six months with a fresh new design while the company stepped into commercial  and residential service.

GOL is a unique Second Life company for its look but  the variety of its interests and the philosophy make it exceptional.  Each business choice led to the development of 4 different departments on 11 sims: GOL Design, GOLden Shopping, GOL Entertainment and GOL Estates.  It is a large community, with long time residents and a dedicated and highly professional management team.

The design, coherent throughout all The GOL sims, reflects Dakota Neumann’s vision to continuously and deliberately evolve with time. Creativity and aesthetic are always first, and business follows.


AVENUE Inc, the parent company of AVENUE Magazine, AVENUE Models,  AVENUE Models Academy, AVENUE Marketing & PR and AVENUE Studio, was founded by Rusch Raymaker, CEO in 2007.  With a team of highly professional and qualified fashion, creative and marketing professionals, AVENUE strives to continuously promote the Second Life Fashion Industry to a higher level.

Leading the first fashion track and publishing AVENUE Magazine in print at the Second Life Community Convention 2009, AVENUE continues to break new grounds in fashion, marketing and publishing within and outside of Second Life.

For more information please contact Jesika Contepomi.


Jesika Contepomi

FASHION CALENDAR: BeStyle Presents **DDstyle** by Dadina Dosei 4/16 1PM SLT

Dadina Dosei

Spring 2010 Fashion Show
April the 16th at 1:00 PM SLT


DD Style is a tribute to femininity, for an aggressive woman, sure of herself but always sexy.
For the woman who knows what she wants … and always reaches her goal!
Every outfit wants to express the sensuality of the people who wears them.
The man who wears DD Style is a man with clear ideas, spontaneous and very very sexy and careful for the details.
He doesn’t love to be unnoticed and he’s not afraid to express what he feels.
For a passionate man, always sure of himself!

Dresses by sartorial craftsmanship, unique and eccentric clothes, real works of art ….
**DD Style ** The dream is now reality by the creator of dream the absolutly incredible Dadina Dosei !!

The top models for this show are :  Elena Ewing, Nemi Mc Coy, Gamp Lane, Mimmi Boa, Salvo Waydelich and Tesan Lane.

The stage is an unique creation of  the fabulous Creativedreams Zsun    *ENFANT TERRIBLE*.

The music will be porvided by the unique Ellendir Khandr.

The photograpaher for this event is the stunnning CindyS Tatham.

The host for the show is our KarenMichelle Lane.

The show is organised by Agtaope Carter Lane  in collaboration with Annemarie Perenti.

We are waiitng for you !! 🙂