This next model spotlight is one of the most recognizable male model in Second Life especially with the Japanese community. You have seen him grace magazine covers like Maniera and his face have appeared all over high quality fashion stores like Gabriel, Champagne! Sparkling Fashions and W&Y to name a few. He is represented by many top modeling agencies and recently named one of the finalist for Mister Virtual World. This talented multi-lingual model along with his Sora Tatham, have helped bridge the gap between the Japanese fashion community with the rest of the fashion world.

Please Welcome Apollo Call.

Q: Please tell us about yourself how you ventured into the modeling industry.

AC: I was having fun to create a cool avatar from the beginning of my SL. I joined Starfleet when I was 2 month old here. I just needed the uniform there and didn’t need many civilian’s clothes. About a year ago, a friend of mine told me about BOSL Magazine’s Mr. Virtual World contest. I am getting curious about the SL fashion Industry. I just took the first head shot of mine by myself and sent the application form. I didn’t even know how to walk on runway and pose. When I went to the live audition, I realized most of the contestants were models. They really looked and moved so cool. I saw Phillip and Salvo there and I looked like their kid. I knew I didn’t even have a slight chance to stand next to them. It was a truly exciting experience though. I was glad to have the opportunity to walk on the huge runway. Since then I started to observe SL fashion shows and sent applications to many agencies.

Q: Please tell us about some of your accomplishments within the modeling industry and describe what would be one of the most defining moments of your modeling career.

AC: Maniera Magazine:July 2009 Cover and Interview & February 2010 Valentine article, Model of the week in SuperElite blog, Mr. Moolto Finalist, Mr. SE Winter 1st Runner up, Mr. Costa Rica Finalist. Print and Cover model for Champagne!, Gabriel, W&Y.

Present Agencies : Agata, BeStyle, Costa Rica Production, EIMA, Evane, iC Motion, IMAGE, JSE, Maniera, Modavia, ModelX, Opium, The SuperElite, 5th Avenue

I am basically very shy, so I haven’t applied so many contests or awards to get focused.
But after I met Topaz Joubert,  Maniera’s CEO, the door to my modeling career had been opened. I met her through Sami Kutanaga, the manager of Maniera, who was once my student at Starfleet Academy. (I am not sure she is happy to hear I revealed her past occupation as a Starfleet officer though.) I had trouble making my shape look better and didn’t know which parts I should change. Topaz took me to the places for skins, eyes, and hair patiently. She also suggested me how to make my own style. She showed me the rope and I am now here because of her great lessons.

Q: You have certainly established yourself well within the modelling industry. Please tell us what you believe are the essential elements to being a successful model.  Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

AC: I am still learning and trying to improve myself. I was self-taught at the beginning but I went to 2 academy classes later.( SuperElite Advanced Class and male model class under Mimmi Boa and Salvo Waydelich at Mimmi Boa Modeling School) It might be a quick way to learn about modeling. And also it is important observe models on runway, look them closer with your camera, observe how they create the face features, how to make well-balanced shapes, movements of the body, how to connect pose to pose, how to coordinate the whole outfits… sort of stuff. You shouldn’t copy their style. You have to make your own unique style. But learn how they create their style.

Q: What do you like and dislike about modeling?

AC: I am trying to be a super realistic model, not like close to reality. Beyond reality, looks very real, but can never be create in RL. The process is hard but it’s fun to play around with it.

What I dislike is a drama, as many people might say.  Sadly there are many dramas and political issues in this dream world too. There are many so called confused divas or pre-Madonna. I am trying not to get involved with this ugly side. The modeling is serious issue sometimes but we have to have fun. SL is for us to relax and have fun. We shouldn’t get stressed out in here. If you take it too serious, a drama will be born. We have to have responsibility to act in SL, modeling, building, selling, making love or whatever. We should respect the other avatars. But I don’t want to live in SL like in RL. This should be our fantasy world.

Q: Please tell us what motivates you to be a model. Who inspires you the most and what is your inspiration?

AC: As I said before, Mr. VW was the trigger. And Ms. Topaz is one of my mentors. As a fellow model, Phillip Dollinger is the one who I always look up to. My style is completely different from his. Perhaps, he is French and I am trying to create the image of all American boys with a touch of my oriental roots. But I am impressed every time when I see him on runway or even in casual outfits. His styling is always perfectly done from head to toe.

Q:    What are your plans and goals for the future in modeling?

AC: I am living in SL for 2 years now. (I feel so old like a senior citizen here.) The first year, I was in Starfleet dedicated myself building holograms and star systems in the Astrometrics Deck. The second year, I was busy modeling trying to accomplished something. So, I am looking for more creative and productive work in here. But not sure what I want to do exactly… perhaps explore the strange new SL worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where I have never gone before.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you for choosing me in your blog. I am so honored. And thank you for reading my interview. Have fun in SL, folks!

Thank You So Much Apollo for letting us interview you and for sharing your modeling experiences and tips to our readers. We wish you the best in all your endeavors. Please leave some comments for Apollo.

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