MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2010: Meet the First Candidates

RicoRacer FLux “The Journey”: Just yesterday, we found out that we are being called back today for the “Live Audition” to be a finalist for Mr. Virtual World. I was in a panic mode because I want everything to be perfect and I only have less than 24 hours to get everything ready: The perfect skin, hair, outfit and accessories to create a perfect look, combined with the right pose, that will amaze the judges or at least get me noticed. Ever since I saw the live MVW 2009 competition last year, this has been a dream of mine to compete on the MVW 2010 stage. I’ve been talking about it to my friends and SL family all year and today is the day that I need to prove to everyone that I can do it.

After spending all morning shopping with a friend “Ethan”, I decided on a sleek modern gray suit with a matching top hat that almost made me look like a circus “ringleader”. I topped the outfit with an amazing eye jewelry to give it a futuristic mysterious look. We were lined up backstage and it’s just amazing how many talented men are in here competing. We were told to go out one at a time on cue and go to the end of the runway and do one pose for 10 seconds and come back. I’m like WHAT????? Only ten seconds and one pose? Oh NO MAAM. After spending all morning perfecting my look, I’m going to go out that stage and take my time. Pfft one pose is not simply not enough to show all the right angles of my outfit and perfectly placed prims. I must have taken 30 seconds because I’m getting messages from the other men to come back. LMAO. ;p Heh!

After about several hours of waiting, here are the results: =D

Please meet the first 15 Official candidates for MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2010!!

BUT we are looking for more! If you would like to participate or try again, pls submit a new entry to Frolic Mills before April 30th.


mstorm09 Stravinsky
RicoRacer Flux
Romeo Torvalar
tyler Forsythe
Marcus Night
Ethan Haalan
More Ying
Clif Sharktooth
Apollo Call
Mikey Batriani
Tesan Lane
Dansk Chesnokov
Locked Semaphore
Trouble inglewood
Maxime Tyran