Hot Alert! Mr. Virtual World 2010 Announcement

I am delighted to let you know that the exquisite Miss Kay Fairey announced today those exceptional men who made it into the first round of the Mr. Virtual World 2010 Contest.

Without further adieu, I have posted the notice from Kay announcing those who are called for a live interview tomorrow at Patch Auditorium.



If you did not make it to the live audition, this time around, you still have one more chance to resubmit a different picture during April.

The dateline to submit pics for MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 is April 30th 2010.


Mr. Virtual World competition will be held on Saturday  June 5th 2010 at 10 am SLT.

Most rehearsals will take place on saturdays in the morning SLT. If you cannot commit to this schedule, please do not audition.


The judges would like to see the following people at a live audition this saturday at 9:00 am SLT or 4:00 pm SLT:

siddhart sommers
More Ying
M4rk3tt0 Bonetto
Trouble Inglewood
demo steampunk
Marcus Night
Mikey Batriani
BurningBright Nightfire
Romeo Torvalar
Branden2279 Runner
Clif Sharktooth
Cyberdawg Foxclaw
stato meredith
Becks Newchurch
Acidrain Alex
Locked Semaphore
Tyler Forsythe
mstorm09 Stransky
Calv Foxclaw
RicoRacer Flux
Dansk Chesnokov
Diesel Skytower
Trouble Inglewood
Tchesco Babenco
Alixx Tolsen
Burly Tigerpaw
Clayin Hancroft
Walter Kovacs
Charlie Absent
Tesan Lane
Jims Dinzel
maxine tyran
Noah Dionysus
Hanz Avon
Ethan Haalan
Apollo Call
Brezul Baddingham
alixx Tolsen
Noah Dionysus

After the LIVE audition, I will send a notecard with the names of the first Official candidates for Mr. Virtual World 2010. More will be chosen in April.

Good luck to all of you!

You will walk a runway and pose at the end for 10 seconds. Please prepare a walk and 1 pose. (very smple audition)

Dress to impress the judges !!


Congratulations everyone!  To make it this far is a huge accomplishment!

I wish you all the very best, and most of all, have fun.  🙂

~ Jen


RicoRacer Flux “The Journey”: Thank you Jen.
Okay, I submitted my picture to Frolic Mills several days ago as an application to compete for Mister Virtual World. After winning the Face of Moolto 2010, I was honestly burned out from competing another contest especially one as big and challenging as Mister Virtual World. That’s why I did not compete for Mr Sartoria and other fabulous contests that I normally would have. Should I compete or not?

*Smacks myself on the back of the head. LOL
Am I nuts? I’ve been waiting for this all year and there is no force in all the universe that will stop me. LOL. Today, while I was busy trying to put some semblance of organization into my inventory but failing, a notice from BOSL popped up announcing : MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 LIVE AUDITION. My heart was beating so fast in my chest as I opened the notice attachment. Sweat starting to formed as I slowly went down the list of names being called for the live audition. After almost having a heart attack, I finally found my name somewhere in the middle. LMAO. WOOT!
Now I can relax and take my time getting my outfit together.

WHOOA, back UP! Did the card say tomorrow is the live audition? WHAT!!!
Wish me luck. lol. ;p