FASHION & MUSIC: “Someday My Prince Will Come” by Barbara Streisand Starring Leandra Breen

MUSIC: Someday My Prince Will Come From Snow White

ARTIST: Barbara Streisand


MODEL INFO: I started modelling in September 2009. Some people say that I have made a very quick and rapid career and where it should go further. I always answer that I work hard and try to do always the best, equal if it is a very big Agency or a small and my goal is to be satisfied with all I do and myself. I love those 10 minutes backstage before a show starts. I love the adrenaline and the excitement and of course I love Fashion.
I graduated in the first group at Miss Virtual World Academy, which makes me a bit proud.

Since the same time I am Photographer. It is wonderful to work creative and SL is a place to let the imagination fly. I have to learn new things in Photoshop every day and this is the challenge and new experience I love.

Last but not least I am COO for Angel Dessous Couture & Lingerie and when all this leaves a bit space I love to visit Fashion Shows and beautiful Sims or Galleries with my Love Nando.
I truly can say that I am lucky in my both lives. *Leandra Breen

FASHION: Ruby’s Fire in emerald by Phoenix Rising

PICTURE INFO: This gorgeous picture was picked for a CONFESSIONS Picture spotlight because of its dreamy elegance with an air of romance in the air. She has that look of longing as if she is waiting for her love. Gorgeous picture Leandra. You can see more of Leandra Breen’s work here:

*If you want your picture to be picked for a spotlight here at Confessions, Kindly join our Flickr group and post your awesome pictures here:


Someday My Prince Will Come

Someday my prince will come.
Someday I’ll find my love…
And how thrilling that moment will be,
When the prince of my dreams comes to me.

He’ll whisper I love you,
And steal a kiss or two.
Though he may be far away,
I will find my love someday.
Someday when my dreams come true.

Someday I’ll find my love,
Someone to call my own.
And I’ll know him the moment we meet
for my heart will start skipping a beat.

Someday we’ll say and do
The things we’ve been longing to.
Though he is far away..
I’ll find my love someday.
Someday when my dreams come true.

Somewhere waiting for me,
There’s someone I’m longing to see
Someone I can’t help but adore…
Who will thrill me for ever more?

Someday my prince will come,
Someday I will find my the one.
Though he is far away…
I’ll find my love someday.
Someday when my dreams come true.

Oh Please make my dreams come true.

*No copyright infringement intended. I don’t own the music or video*

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