We are looking for the sexiest male avatar on the grid.

Do you have it going on? Answer these questions before sending your pic:

– When you arrive somewhere, Do you get greeted: “How YOU doing?”

– Do girls always pínch your butt?

– Do some gay guys invite you to their apartment, ¨just to look around¨?

– Do people open IMS to you for no particular reason?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, YOU may be the person we are looking for!

– Send us your best headshot 512 x 512 labelled: MR VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 (your name) in a folder labelled the same way. Please send to Frolic Mills.

– Join THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group, which will be the group used for all Mr. Virtual World 2010 announcements.

– If the judges like what they see, we will call you back for a live audition at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium., and only after we see all of the pre selected avatars, will we announce the official finalists to compete for the title of MR. VIRTUAL WORLD 2010 on Saturday June 5th at 10 am SLT.

– Most rehearsals will take place on saturdays in the morning SLT. If you cannot commit to this schedule, please do not audition.

Let the search begin!

Miss/Mr Virtual World Organization


RicoRacer Flux “The Journey”: OMG, Holy Macaroni!!!  I have been waiting for this event one whole damn long year. It is finally here. Ohhhhh, I’m gonna tell everyone about this contest. Also invited my more than a hundred friends at Moolto to join the MVW 2010 group by Frolic Mills. LOL. A friend asked me….Aren’t you competing? Why are you telling everyone to join the competition?  So I told him…. First cuz I’m crazy. lol. Second cuz I want to compete with the very best. Win or Lose, I know that I will try my all and have the honor of competing against the very best and talented men of SL.

Okay laterz…gotta look for a good face picture….