FASHION CALENDAR: MWC Presents Jungle Couture 3/22 5PM SLT

Ready to get wild? Models With Curves Fashion Agency is proud to invite you to the second week in our search for MR/MS MWC 2010! This week is all about getting in touch with your animalistic side with Jungle Couture. Lions,

Tigers, and Bears – OH MY!

This contest is a battle between MWC models, and over the next few weeks they will be given more themed challenges to awe our audiences and mesmerize our judges with their styling and runway skills. Another two models will be go home after this week’s competition leaving eight to fight another week for the MR/MS MWC title and prize of 30,000L.

Please join us on Mon March 22, at 5pm SL for Week Two’s eliminations. Thank you!

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