And Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2010 is….

I am delighted to announce that the winner of the Mr. Costa Rica Sims 2010 Contest is…..

Mr. Todd Anton!

And, in no small feat, the 2nd Place winner is……

Mr. Seth Diabolito!

Congratulations gentlemen!

If you weren’t able to attend you missed a wonderful contest.  All the contestants were graious, kind and thoughful.  These are definitely men we can all look up to.

A special thank you to all the judges, Frolic Mills, Maddox Dupont, Maxes Loon, Miaa Rebane and  Nisa Constanine.  Giancarlo Takacs and Fly Littlebird did a fabulous job being our hosts and Samantha Ohrberg as the splendid announcer.  And of course, to Clyde Saunders for a wonderful production and getting the men into shape for such a hard contest.

Thank you to all the sponsors who provided the following prizes for the winner, Mr. Todd Anton.

The Costa Rica Sims – L$25,000 Cash
Caithlin Carter Designs – Exclusive Crown & Scepter (Worth L$25,000)
Luxury Homes by Quantum Destiny – Home of Choice (Worth L$6,500)
Cigar Yachts – The Habana Yacht (Worth L$12,000)
Loaq – Collection of Jewelry (Worth L$2,300)
Hollywood Gestures – L$5,000 Cash & 5 Gesture Packs of Choice (Worth L$2500)
Interazzo – Collection of Shoes (Worth L$4,200)
The Best Of Second Life – Exclusive Interview In The April Issue
Kal Rau – Collection of Clothing (Worth L$10,000L)
Emery – L$2,000L Giftcard
Alphamale – Collection of Clothing (Worth L$2,810)
Vitamen – Collection of Underwear (Worth L$2,000)
Chantkare – Entire Male Collection (Worth L$5,100 )

Congratulations to all the contestants.  You are all winners!

~ Jen  : )

FASHION CALENDAR: Boulevard Agency Present “The Japan Show”

Boulevard Agency Presents
.:•°•❤•°•:. “The New Faces of Japan 2” .:•°•❤•°•:.

March 20 (Sat), 5pm SLT
At the Boulevard Agency Runway

Boulevard Agency is proud to present the second of the Japanese designers series of shows, “New Faces of Japan Show” Part 2.

Japanese designers are hard to find…..this is what is often heard. So we will be showcasing some new Japanese designers in this show which will presented as a series.

This month we have…..

!129 129 by Ran Renfold

MIYABI – Rabbit in the Moon (Arvel Ellils)

Demise by Nagaru Kawashima

Likka House by Likka Noel

tomoto by Tomo Wachter

and ROZOREGALIA by ROZOREGALIA Braveheart & Yumi Pausch for jewlery

Producer/Director: Kay Fairey
Host: Kay Fairey
DJ: Maksimilian Antonelli
Models: Alexia Speizer
    Sabine Blackburn
    Miaa Rebane
    dancer Dallagio
    Katherine Comet
    skylei Caproni
Allenclive Beaumont
    Phillip Dollinger
    RicoRacer Flux

FASHION CALENDAR: GLANCE Presents Accessory Fair Fashion Show II 3/20 1PM SLT

GLANCE International Agency Presents Accessory Fair Fashion Show II
— Featuring the designs of TRES BEAU and spotlighting designers from Accessory Fair 2010 –
When: Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 1:00 PM SLT
Where: Accessory Fair 2010 (245, 225, 22)

GLANCE – March 18, 2010 – GLANCE International Agency (GIA), SL’s premier fashion marketing and public relations agency, announced today that it will proudly present Fashion Show II of the GIA Accessory Fair 2010.

Sponsored by and, the GIA Accessory Fair 2010 is taking place now through March 27 and features over 60 of SL’s leading designers of fingernails, jewelry, purses, eyelashes, eyeglasses, belts and other accessories to adorn your avatar.

Accessory Fair Fashion Show II will feature clothing by acclaimed designer Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau complimented by jewelry, glasses and other accessories from participating designers. Participating Accessory Fair designers include: alaMood (Jori Watler), A la Folie (pixivor Allen), Jewelry by Jake (TJake Kearny), [GOS] (Gospel Voom), !SyDS! (Serenite Stransky), Bliensen + MaiTai (Plurabelle Lazslo), Baubles Boho Jewelry (Chic Aeon), (OMFG) I Love it! (Redsoledrea Gosspgirl), Donna Flora (Squinternet Larnia), Stitch by Stitch (Sevenstar Amat) and SIGMA Jewels (Sofi Trenkins). The show is an opportunity for the public to get ideas and see innovative new accessories that make extraordinarily polished and finished fashion icons.

“GLANCE is delighted to pesent this fabulous show. Tres Beau is one of SL’s most well-respected fashion brands, and when Kimmmera’s clothing is combined with the fantastic accesories available at the GIA Accessory Fair 2010, it creates an unique opportunity to pair the pinnacle of clothing design, with some of SL’s most unique accessories, to present stylish, elegant and individual styling anywhere,” said HoneyBear Lilliehook, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of GLANCE International Agency. “We are extremely excited to presnt this show,” she continued.

Join us Saturday when the elegant GLANCE International Models step gracefully onto the runway in this fashion extravaganza and see the myriad of accessories that can make your avatar an unique reflection of your own personal style.

Kimmera Madison’s Tres Beau is one of SL’s oldest, high fashion, design destinations. On a historical note, Kimmera Madison was an SL beta tester back in the day. Her rezzday is 7/1/2004. Tres Beau is STILL startling, energizing, and enthralling, the fashionistas of the SL fashion world with a continuous stream of new women’s wear releases and, trend setting men’s fashions as well. The Tres Beau Design’s group will announce these releases well in advance and also offers frequent specials for its members.

Tres Beau has developed, and produced, over the past 5 years, over 400 formal gown designs. These are often worn by contenders in SL’s most prestigious, beauty pageants including the 2010 Miss Virtual World contest. Several of the 2010 Miss Virtual World contestants chose Tres Beau’s Kimmera Madison as the designer of their unique, show gowns. Recently Ms. Madison was honored by being selected to design 2009 Miss Virtual World winner, Mimmi Boa’s gown for this past year’s passing of the tiara at the Miss Virtual World 2010 finals. Miaa Rebane, Miss Virtual World 2010, just after her crowning, collaborated with Kim on the design of the gown she wore at the Boulevard Model Agency’s first 2010 event. You can buy a Miaa gown now at the Tres Beau mainstore.

Kim has been very busy designing new lines of elegant, Tres Beau fashions. These new products run the gamut from spectacular evening wear, to playful, party outfits, to accessories, jewelry, shoes and boots that rival the best available in SL. You can see some of these on the Tres Beau Flickr page here:

Kim is periodically invited to judge beauty pageants, fashion events andother SL contests. She enjoys doing this a great deal. In 2010 she will serve as the head of the Miss Virtual World Judge’s Committee helping to design a standard judging form and grading matrix so the all aspects of SL’s premier modeling event are judged equitably and all contestants receive the consideration and attention they deserve for their stellar effort in making it to the finals.

Tres Beau recently went through a major rebuild of the Lace sim and the main Tres Beau store. The grand re-opening had 2 shows that day. Months of designing, terraforming, landscaping, custom texturing and building culminated with the opening of the pristine, new Tres Beau Fashion and Wedding boutiques. Two Grand Opening fashion shows highlighted Tres Beau’s haute couture and wedding lines.

For more information visit Tres beau in-world at the main store:
You can also read their latest blog posts online:


GLANCE International Agency (GIA) is a full service Second Life-based fashion public relations agency. The Agency offers modeling career development, an unique fashion shopping center, international fashion-oriented publications, style consultation, fashion-related photography and graphics, fashion designers promotion and fashion events coordination.

GLANCE International Agency, since its inception, in 2008 by founder and CEO, Patty Cortes, with the driving vision to become the best fashion-centric production and public relations agency. Innovation, insightful comprehension of fashion industries, and a culture of perfection have driven the agency’s success, traits which will always be the cornerstone of the agency. Our strength lies in the hands-on premiere services that we provide at a high professional level to maximize our clients’ style exposure.

GLANCE International Agency fashion team is composed of professionals from the industry, including fashion stylists, public relations agents, style writers, video producers, catwalk set designers, photographers and graphic experts who are plugged into the fashion media scene. GIA also take the initiative to constantly liaise with Second Life™ fashion trend-setters and opinion makers such as TV producers, magazine editors and fashion bloggers who assist in establishing maximum credibility for a brand. With backgrounds in sales, marketing, public relations, journalism, photography and design, GIA’s breadth of knowledge and contacts are unrivaled in the industry which place us in the distinctive position of being true brand consultants.

Visit us:
GLANCE Website:
GLANCE Magazine:

DarkStar Gothly
Marketing Officer
GLANCE International Agency

“Scene It”: Opium Fashion Agency Presents “Romantique” Video

“Romantique” Designs by Exclusiva… March March 11 1 * 6pm and March 12th 1pm Opium Fashion Agency Anastacia Markova, CEO Models Gamp Lane Sabine Blackburn Wicca Merlin Glitter Bolissima…
Designs by Exclusiva…

March March 11 1 * 6pm and March 12th 1pm

Opium Fashion Agency
Anastacia Markova, CEO

Gamp Lane
Sabine Blackburn
Wicca Merlin
Glitter Bolissima
Sequoia Nightfire
Darkevilone Demonia

Chat Host
Anastacia Markova

Seren Dawes
Jasmine Night

Runway Director
Katina Magic

VictoriaV McMillan, CEO/main designer
Vasgez McMillan, CEO/main designer

Film & Editing
Primajicka Studios
Synthia Quintessa,CEO