FASHION & MUSIC: “Feel” by Robbie Williams starring More Ying

ARTIST: Robbie Williams
Shirt – artilleri
Jean – Primitive Designs
Hat – Surf Couture
Gloves – YV
Tattoo – Garden of Ku
Location: Surface (one of AM Radio’s exhibitions)
MODEL INFO: More is a young SL model ,since roughly September 2009, that was drawn into this world by a fascination with fashion and creativity. More work in the sciences in RL, so modeling allows some creative outlet in creating an entire scene,ambiance, and vision for designers, displaying their works, and being part of the creative fashion process in any way possible. He recently won SuperElite’s Mister Winter competition. Represented by ~ Opium Fashion Agency ~ SuperElite ~ ModelX ~ Catalyst of Fantasy ~ Kabuki ~ Venus Model Agency ~ UNIQUE Models ~ F.A.M.E. ~JSE Model Agency ~ Mohna Lisa Couture. More Ying is a very talented photographer as well. Photography has been a natural extension of the creative process, and is something that he is still new but he learns new techniques every day and love to experiment. You can view his work at his Flickr:

*This picture was picked for a CONFESSIONS spotlight because it has a down home country pureness feel to it. It is totally realistic and believable. You RAWK this picture More. =) WTG!



Come on hold my hand,
I wanna contact the living.
Not sure I understand,
This role I’ve been given.

I sit and talk to god
And he just laughs at my plans,
My head speaks a language, I don’t understand.

I just wanna feel real love,
Feel the home that I live in.
’cause I got too much life,
Running through my veins, going to waste.

I don’t wanna die,
But I ain’t keen on living either.
Before I fall in love,
I’m preparing to leave her.
I scare myself to death,
That’s why I keep on running.
Before I’ve arrived, I can see myself coming.

I just wanna feel real love,
Feel the home that I live in.
’cause I got too much life,
Running through my veins, going to waste.

And I need to feel, real love
And a life ever after.
I cannot get enough.


I just wanna feel real love,
Feel the home that I live in,
I got too much love,
Running through my veins, going to waste.

I just wanna feel real love,
In a life ever after
There’s a hole in my soul,
You can see it in my face, it’s a real big place.


Come and hold my hand,
I wanna contact the living,
Not sure I understand,
This role I’ve been given

Not sure I understand.
Not sure I understand.
Not sure I understand.
Not sure I understand.

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CONTEST: SuperElite Mister Spring 2010

*~*~*~*~* THE SUPERELITE SUPERSEARCH 2010 *~*~*~*~*
Spring Season


Application dead line : 10th of May 2010 !

The name of finalists for the 1rst audition will be announced in the SuperELITE Supersearch group at 12th of May 2010.

STEP 1 – 1st live audition : 15th of MAY 2010 – Two casting times : 12 PM or 3 PM SLT

STEP 2 – 2nd live audition : 28th of May 2010 at 2 PM SLT (in private) Press and Jury

STEP 3 – 2nd live audition : 29th of May 2010 at 12 PM SLT (in public)

Practices days for the election show :

– Tuesday 25th of May 2010………………………2 PM SLT
– Thursday 27th of May 2010……………………2 PM SLT

This practices ARE NOT OPTIONALS ! If you think that you can’t come to these rehearsals, don’t submit !! A model that will miss one of these dates will be dismissed from the contest ! THERE WILL BE NO RESCHEDULING of practices for individuals. So please mark these days and times if you are interested in joining.

*~*~*~*~* Application Form – Spring Season *~*~*~*~*

1. Second Life Name :

2. SL Date of Birth :

3. Have you ever modeled in SL before ? If so, what type of modeling you have done :
– Print :
– Runway :
– Store :
– Other : (specify please)

4. Since how long you are Model ?

5. Did you have followed any training session to be a model at any academy ?
Please list them :

6. What agencies are you currently associated with as Model ?
Please list them :

7. Describe your personality and fashion sense in few words :

8. If you are selected for the 1rst live audition, can you join the casting at :

12 PM slt……………. ( ) Yes ( ) No
3 PM slt……………. ( ) Yes ( ) No

9. Submit ONE headshot (close up) renamed it with your name, size : 512×512 or 1024×1024 with FULL PERMS, add it to the folder SuperELITE SuperSearch 2010 – NOT IN THIS NOTECARD !

10. Put this application and your picture in a folder named SuperELITE SuperSearch 2010 – YOUR NAME and send it to Angelik Slade AND Phillip Dollinger. SEND TO BOTH PLEASE !

11. SuperELITE SuperSearch Team reserves the right to reject if the rules mentioned are not respected

SuperELITE SuperSearch Team.