FASHION CALENDAR: Timeless Agency Presents A New Beginning

“TIMELESS…A New Beginning…” Fashion Show

Date: Saturday, March 20, 2010

Time: 1pm SLT

TIMELESS, one of SL’s most established and respected modeling agencies, made a transition in January of this year. After having been led by the talented SerinaJane Loon for quite some time, the company was carefully placed into the hands of another. Pyper Dollinger has taken the reigns of TIMELESS Modeling Agency. With a strong background in fashion, management and innovation as seen in her work with Dazzlers, Inc. Dance Team and Give It A Swirl, Pyper leads a beautiful and gifted team of managers, trainers, stylists, bloggers and models. With her vision and a solid, supporting cast, TIMELESS Modeling Agency is well-poised to reach new heights in SL’s fashion industry.

To celebrate this transition in the history of TIMELESS, we bring you, “TIMELESS…A New Beginning.” The show, a marriage of the runway and of the stage, tells the story of the agency’s evolution while showcasing the inspired creations of the following:

Indyra Originals
Exclusiva (formerly, V Fashion)
Moxie Polanos
SF Design
Bax Coen

For additional information:

Contact: Pyper Dollinger

TIMELESS Modeling Agency offers end-to-end solutions for showcasing your designs. Whether you are launching your line or you already have an established label, TIMELESS will provide you with thoughtful and high-quality shows complete with set design, show management and marketing. To schedule a consultation or to book a show, please contact Pyper Dollinger. Thank you!