CONTEST: Miss Icon 2010

ICON is searching for Miss ICON 2010!

Each month a panel of judges will pick an ICONic Beauty to be our Miss ICON of the Month.

Monthly Prizes…
1. A spread in ICON Lifestyle Magazine.
2. She will represent her winning month in the 2011 ICON Calendar.
3. Entry into the Miss ICON 2010 Competition.
4. A $5,000 shopping spree in the ICON Fashion District.

Rule of Entry.
1. Must be wearing the ICON bikini gift and be the only person in her picture.
2. Entrant must take her own picture. Any entries where another photographer has been used will be disqualifed.
3. Must be a member of the ICON Lifestyle Magazine Reader’s Group.
4. Must be a member of the Miss ICON 2010 Flickr Group
5. Entries limited to 1 entry per person each month.
6. Entry must be a new picture each month.
7. Employees of ICON are welcome to submit pictures…but are not eligible for the competition.

Contest will run from the 1st – 20th of each month, with the winner being picked on the 21st in time to be shot for the following month’s issue!

Don’t have the bikini? Then TP into the ICON Lifestyle headquarters and pick up your free set now. Its on the table underneath the poster.


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