Confessions News Reel: Model’s Workshop Fashion Show Bootcamp

I absolutely love Model’s workshop because of all the free education, tips, and opportunities that the Workshop team provides to the SL fashion & modelling industry especially to the newer models. Top SL Supermodels and SL VIPs frequently come to the workshop as guests to talk and give pointers on how to succeed in modelling as well as give very important advice on a variety of topics from “How to Put on Prim Eyelashes” to “How to Network Yourself”.
If you have not taken advantage of this great resource then you are missing out a lot. Did u know you just missed Male Supermodel Salvo Waydelich giving a lecture on how to succeed as a male model in Sl last Monday? And you must have missed Rusch Raymaker, CEO of Avenue – one of SL’s top modeling agency that also includes one of the premiere modeling academy and fashion magazine talk about “Modelling and Beyond”.
Thank you to Monica Balut, Herradura Barr, Nave Fall, Glitter Bolissima, and all the Model’s Workshop Team that I missed to mention. Also A big thank you to Chirzaka Vlodovic, Leah Portland, Melanie Sauterau, Naiya Kazyanenko and Wipster Baxter who will keep the European Model’s Workshop going on Mondays at noon.

*RicoRacer Flux

Now here are some cool ideas and plans from Model’s Workshop Press Release:

Model’s Workshop is known for doing unique things for the modeling community of SL. We’re going to do another unique thing starting very soon. If you have ideas on this feel free to IM us with them.

So far this year we’ve begun the Make It Work Contest series hosted by Model’s Workshop and sponsored by Tres Beau Designs which will run for a year. We expect to distribute somewhere between L$360,000 and L$480,000 in prizes and cash, over the course of that year, not including the finale (where the 12 monthly winners + a wildcard will face off against each other) which we are going to try to raise a L$100,000 prize pool for. Sponsors are invited to step right up btw.

Part of the mission of Model’s Workshop, which we do every week with these sessions, is education and training of models. The sessions that are hands-on, like Amaranthim Talon’s recent one on eyelashes, are always well received. We are going to do more of these in the future

But now, we’re going to do another kind of free, hands-on event. The first of its kind in SL that I know of .We’re, tentatively, calling it the “The Model’s Workshop and Tres Beau Designs- Fashion Show Bootcamp” hosted again by Monica Balut Founder of Model’s Workshop and sponsored by Kimmera Madison of Tres Beau Designs and thunk (sic) up, yet again by Herradura Baar hersownself. 😛 ( They all hate publicity )

What we’re going to do is this produce a fashion show from start to finish with members of the Model’s Workshop group doing it all. Conceptualize, recruit, produce, direct, choreograph, build, script, promote and eventually, conduct it will all be done by members of the group

We have not figured out how to choose the people who get to do this first one. I’m thinking a random drawing of names but if someone has a better idea we’re negotiable/.

We are starting to work out the details. Don’t start pestering me about this yet. Or Monica or Herra or Kim or anyone. Please……………..

In a week or 2 we’ll fill you in and get going on it……………

If you harass me about this I will make sure YOU are the one who HAS to write the script for this.

I’m just

Nave Fall

Monica Balut is looking for senior models who would be interested in a mentoring program. Contact her.
The idea is to pair up senior models with junior ones in a mentoring relationship. This would not be a substitute for attending an academy but just a big sister/brother relationship that the junior model could turn to for advice.

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