CONFESSION News Reel: Maniera Magazine introduces “My Maniera”.


For PR Inquiries, please contact Topaz Joubert (CEO) or Sami Kutanaga (COO).

MANIERA INTRODUCES :!:!:!: My Maniera :!:!:!: GROUP.

MANIERA Inc will be consolidating many of our readership based groups into 1 new group to meet all of your needs in a single place. This move will begin on SUNDAY, MARCH 7th, 2010.


To further elaborate on what Sami is referencing, Maniera has been maintaining 1 official readership group and also a few other ones from our past business arrangements that no longer serve their intended function save for our
readership to receive a magazine such as the Nemesis Fashion Group which Maniera absorbed last year.

Starting Sunday, we are going to be combining ALL of our readership groups in with a single Maniera group where you can receive our magazine’s updates, stay up-to-date with Maniera Model Management’s shows, special events.. and even receive exclusive gifts and notices from designers on their sales, special announcements and so forth.. One stop news drop for your Second Life.




All designers are welcome to apply for the Maniera Designer program. This program is a great opportunity for you to get your designs on the radar of Maniera Magazine to be considered for featured designer in an upcoming issue of Maniera Magazine which includes an article and a fashion photospread.

As part of the Maniera Designer Program, you will be allowed to post about your sales, news events and update information to our readership — a readership interested in fashion news. In return, we ask that you release a gift each month to our readership base. This works well for you because it will allow people to get a preview of your designs and a direct landmark to your stores.

For those of you that wish to request more information or participate in the Maniera Designer program within My Maniera, please contact Topaz Joubert or Sami Kutanaga for more information. All designers are welcome to participate.


Not a designer? No big deal. Apply to be part of Maniera’s LIVE THE LIFESTYLE program. Art gallery openings, educational events, non-profit / charitable cause events and other community-geared service events are all welcome to join this program.

All people wishing us to release information into My Maniera that does not fall into either of the above two categories, please refer all inquires to Sami Kutanaga or Topaz Joubert.


All of our show information for Maniera Model Management and Institute of Style will be released via this group! Stay up-to-date on some of the most creative shows in Second Life.


All casting calls for Maniera Model Management and contests run within Maniera Inc’s three branches will be released via this group! Trying to get more experience or break into the industry? Trying to get yourself onto the model industry radar? Impress us by showing up at a casting or entering our contests. This could be your
big break.

Past contest winners/featured nominations include:

Maniera Men Of Style 2009:
Ricoracer Flux (Model; True Confessions of an SL Top Model Blog), Charlie Absent
(Model; V I T A L Designer), Mikey Batriani (Photographer; True Confessions of an
SL Top Model Blog), Finlandich Flanagan (Photographer) and Vortimer Ethaniel
(Sartoria Promotional Model; Writer)

Cover Models:
Sabine Blackburn, BlackBarbie Bravin, gloria Gabe, Apollo Call, Haidyn Inglewood,
Lorra Undercroft

Maniera’s Ones To Watch 2010:
blackliquid Tokyoska, Ricoracer Flux, Mikey Batriani, Joaquin Gustav, Maxes Loon,
Anya Ohmai and Julie Hastings


Thank you for your support this past year. We are very excited to offer these unique opportunities to our support base. Please join us in our new :!:!:!: My Maniera :!:!:!: group. We will see you there.

Confessions News Reel: Make Him Over Hunt 3 Coming Soon




Make Him Over Hunt ~ Second Life’s first MEN ONLY hunt – 3rd Edition

This is not your typical hunt, this is the first of its kind and it is in its third edition! The first one was a real success.

>>>>>>>>> WHEN?

MHO hunt – April 01st – April 30th.

The 3rd edition of the Make Him Over Hunt (MHOH)! It is fully dedicated to the male
public in SL, from all nationalities. It will start on April 01st throught April 30th.
Deadline is March 21st to sign up OR when we reach 100 stores. We will get up to 120 maybe,
so please don’t be upset if we have to say no!
When you send the application notecard, it doesn’t mean you are already accepted. We will
get in touch with you to give you an answer, positive or negative, you will be notified.

>>>>>>>>> HOW DOES IT WORK?

As with most hunts once a starting location has been set you will be provided with LM
and the next location in the hunt once you claim your first gift. For example, store #1
will give landmark to store #2, store #2 will give landmark to store #3, and so on…
until it finishes.

Gift will be hidden somewhere in the store and you will be looking for orange male symbol.
Designers will have a choice to use items that are currently sold at their store or create
exclusive items that will only be available for the duration of the hunt. They also have
an option to provide you with store cards.

This hunt is also circular, so when you get to the end, the last landmark will direct you
to first location. This means even if you start the hunt in a middle you will still get to
visit and discover all participating stores.

The objective of this hunt is to present nice stores to the male inworld public and let
guys participate of a hunt, as we now that the another hunts are 95% turned to the
female public.


Only high quality designers will be invited to participate as we are planning to keep
number of stores around 100 so to enusure everyone gains exposure as we know
men tend to give up half way if shopping expedition tends to go forever.
No resellers or mall owners will be accepted. Only creators themselves.


Hunt will last from April 01st to April 30th.
Deadline is March 21st to sign up OR when we reach 100 stores, so please apply as soon
as possible as you do not want to miss this hunt out!



Visit our blog for the latest updates and a complete list of participating designers:


>>>>>>>>> What happens next?

Please Join MAKE HIM OVER group to receive updates.


To get in on the hunt, RSVP to TARSIS GAUSMAN AND SAMARA PENNELL with a notecard
named “MAKE HIM OVER HUNT – Designer Name” containing the following information:

“Gotta Have It”: Through the eyes of Saunders Beaumont

If there is one thing I love, it is a designer who thinks out of the ordinary yet brings class and attitude to their designs.

I have learned of one such designer, Mr. Saunders Beaumont.  Here is a man, who not only goes outside the box, but can still give us ladies the confidence and sexiness we look for when out shopping for that must have piece.

If there is one shop you just have to visit, it’s Dojo, a new haute couture line. When you walk into his store, it’s like looking at art pieces. Best part is, you can be the art.

In my pic, I am wearing one such art piece called PapierFleur Futuresque in Red/Black. The light weight paper-like material drapes around your body and is light as air. Don’t be fooled though by it’s airiness though, this dress has so much attitude, you are sure to turn heads.

Dress:  PapierFleur Futuresque in Red/Black ~ DOJO
Shoes:  Elyna in Black ~ Convoitise
Hair:  Preen in Ebony ~ Tukinowaguma

Music:  Shut up and drive ~ Rihanna

Happy Shopping, Jen  : ))