“Gotta Have It” New Releases from Talon Faire

Talon Faire introduces a brand new style of accessory! Attachment Mhendi!

Three styles currently available, sold individually or in a Fat Pack. These delicate inkings will frame your left eye in a subtle yet noticeable form. Fully Mod/Copy so you can arrange to fit your own features or separate the two pieces and where perhaps one on each eye?

Attachment point is the chin so it will not interfere with your eyelashes – as if Talon Faire would do that!

Come get the latest rage today – @ Talon Faire!
http://slurl.com/secondlife/Misto%20Presto/216/21/155– Main Store

CONFESSIONS Teaser: Opium Fashion Agency Presents “Romantique” Video Teaser 3/11 6PM

On March 11 * 6pm and March 12th 1pm, Opium Fashion Agency will present “Romantique” Designs by Exclusiva… Come feel the difference in special designs made just for you.. Find Everything and more for those special days in your life. You’ll know what you want…when you see it…

Opium Fashion Agency
Anastacia Markova, CEO

Opium Models
Katina Magic
Wicca Merlin
Marcus Night
Anastacia Markova
Emma Portilo

VictoriaV McMillan, CEO/main designer
vasgez McMillan, CEO/main designer

Film & Editing
Primajicka Studios
Synthia Quintessa,CEO
Constantine Carpaccio, CEO