“Scene” It: Evane Model Agency Presents “Angel Dessous” Video

EVANE Model agency brings back Old Hollywood Glamour in Designs presented by Angel Dessous.

EVANE Model Agency
Mimmi Boa, OWNER

Angel Dessous

Evane Models
Mimmi Boa as Greta Garbo
Leandra Breen as Sophia Loren
Diconay Boa as Jane Russell
Poptart Lilliehook as Grace Kelly
Linnda Scofield as Lauren Bacall
July Raymaker as Rita Hayworth
Livia Mastroianni as Audrey Hepburn
Payton Heron as Liz Taylor
Agtaope Carter as Marilyn Monroe

Film & Editing
PriMajicka Studios
Synthia Quintessa, CEO
Constantine Carpaccio, CEO

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