FASHION CALENDAR: The Face Of Moolto Finale 2/27 12 PM SLT

The Grand Final
Saturday 27th February will be the date of the final event at the sim. Once again, we will be inviting a new panel of judges (5) to impartially vote on their favorites which will make up 70% of the FINAL scores for each contestant.

30% of the vote is still up to you!! Keep voting for your favorites on

Round One
Contestants will be scored in the finals on their teamwork and will be asked to explain the Visual Image and the Brand Slogan realized in the previously stage.

These will be displayed on a board next to the stage.

Round Two
Our contestants have been preparing too a live ‘scene’ which will be shown in round two of the final. This should last no longer than 5 minutes.
a) An interview where one is the ‘journalist’ and one the face of moolto answering;
b) A simple meeting: the face of Moolto meeting a person who does not know about Moolto. One can ask and the other answers.
This is the best example of what working at Moolto is like-explaining it to people who do not understand it.
This section can be in voice or text at the finals and you can choose to be serious-or funny. Whatever makes them comfortable!

Round Three
Each individual contestant will be asked how they would physically present Moolto.
This could be an object in world, a gadget or a piece of clothing. They will be welcome to create the idea if they have the time and ability to do so but we do NOT expect them to do so.
The judges will be scoring once again on their ideas-we do not expect you to be builders or designers.

You could not miss this!

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