February 26 at 1 pm

A scandalous and a fabulous show for an unique taste of luxury with the stunning Djod Karu creator of the DIRAM brand. BeStyle District Agency’s top models will present you the Scandalous new collection from DIRAM !
Inspired from Lady gaga and Britney spears look, Sexy, Glamour and Provocative…….DIRAM simply !
You will see NEW outfits not for sell yet in exclusivity for you.
This show is organized by Agtaope Carter Lane as owner and CEO and by Tesan lane as Fashion Director

Photographer of show is: Tillie Ariantho
DJ is :Summer Deadlight
Stage is an excluvise creation by :Creativedreams Zsun
Host : is Agy

Top models in show are:
– blackLiquid Tokyoska- Diconay Boa- Nezsy Herstein- Livia Mastroianni- Kay Fairey- Mavi Beck- Payton Heron
– Mimmi Boa

You cant miss it on BeStyle District ‘s sims

Hopeful to see you there

Agtaope Carter Lane
. BeStyle District Agency . Owner and CEO

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