Sexy Bodysuit by Glam Affair

If you’re looking for a hot bodysuit to tease your curves off to your loved one or someone you have your eyes on, then this one is for you.  This skin tight suit hugs your body and has fine details of creases and shadows to accentuate your best spots.

To add to the visuals, the top has a lace collar that hints to the skin underneath, showing just enough to flirt with.  The shirt comes with two options, with and without lace that runs from the collar to the waist.  I chose the lace version as I really like the way it adds another layer of texture to the suit.

Framing the top is a hot, faux fur jacket that wears just around your torso.  This highlights the shirt and gives a nice view of the curves below.

Another great feature is that this suit comes with all the options in clothing (jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants and underwear).

The Sura Suit comes in Black, Blue and Purple.

Suit ~ Glam Affair, Sura Suit in purple
Shoes ~ Maitreya, Verve Pumps in Black
Hair ~ Analog Dog, Delora in Cherry
Bracelette ~ DeLa, Dian Bangle in Black
Ring ~ LaGyo, Be Careful in Silver

Music companion ~ All for you by Kate Ryan

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