FASHION CALENDAR: Pixel Players Presents “A Trilogy of Scenes” 2/21 1PMSLT

SUNDAY February 21st @ 1pm SLT at the Shakespeare sim- Globe theatre

**Join “The Pixel Players”**
—–Sensuality Cordeaux
—-Darius Debruyere
—Ixmal Supermarine
–Caliban Jigsaw

***A trilogy of scenes from classic Will Shakespeare plays including ***

“Henry IV”

“Measure for Measure”


Please use the landmark enclosed and come early to get seating!
This is a voice performance so we ask that you have your microphone “off” and refrain from talking or using loud gestures, and please remove all scripted items (AO’s , Meters ) to reduce lag, which makes the performances even better!!

Hope to see you at the Globe!!

Sensuality Cordeaux – Producer-Director-Actress – SL Globe Theatre

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