FASHION CALENDAR: New York Fashion Week Continues Presented by Maniera and Image Models Agency

New York Fashion Week Presented by Maniera and Image Models Agency continues today and tomorrow.
They have been presenting superb fashion shows that equal to the real life event. Don’t miss the last two days of shows planned as New York Fashion Week wraps up.

★ Wednesday, February 17th ★

★ Thursday, February 18th ★
•3:30-5:30 CLOSING PARTY w/ DJ AZU


I present to you Mr. Virtual World 2009: Mr. Nicholai Shepherd. We are so honored to spotlight him because of his many accomplishments and contributions to Second Life Fashion.

Nicholai first started modeling in October 2007 as a self taught and he advanced in his career very quickly with natural ease. Nicholai has modelled for ~ Boulevard Agency, CheerNo★™, ModelX the Agency, TOO SEXY Magazine, MAD Agency, LeLutka, RUNWAY Magazine Models, SXY2ND Magazine, MODAVIA Inc, Breiz Photography, CAPTURED Photography Book, TIMELESS Agency, Face2Face Modeling Agency, EXCELSIS Agency, FACES Agency. RAGE Agency. Nicholai has worked for KMADD City & MAD Image as a image consultant/Stylist. He’s also worked for InStyle/UVogue as a Fashion Stylist, MODAVIA Inc as a MODAVIA Stylist.

Nicholai has been featured within many top magazines over his career in modeling including cover model for 3 top magazines and his awards and achievements were piling high including:

► Too Sexy Magazine – Model Jan 2010
► Second Life Mentor Dec 07 – Oct 09
► BOSL Magazine – Personal Interview Oct 09
► ICON Magazine – ICON Stylist Review Oct 09
► Winner BOSL MR VIRTUAL ♛ORLD Aug 09 – Jan 10
► Winner a.C. Store/CheerNo Next Face 09
► RUNWAY Magazine Top Model & Cover Model
► LeLutka Spring Event 09 Model
► Mr Virtual World 2009 Finalist ~ Mr Ireland
► Model for “Mechanism” on SLCN.TV Show Fabulous Fashions with Angie Mornington
► Shiki Designs Winter 2008 Peoples Choice Award photography Winner
► Retired MODAVIA Supermodel Dec 08
► CAPTURED Model & Cover Model Jan 09
► RUNWAY Magazine Male Model of the Year 2008 Nominee

Please Give Some Love to MR Virtual World 2009: Mr. Nicholai Shepherd

1. Please tell us about yourself how you ventured into the modelling industry.

Hello 🙂 Thank you for inviting me as a showcase model. I first started modeling in Oct 2007 I was self taught because at that time there wasn’t many modeling schools, and the ones that were around would charge aspiring models a lot of money to join which I could not afford.
I started my self training by attending many fashions shows just to get a good glimpse of what was needed to be a top model on a runway and also to get my name noticed within the fashion industry. I think networking is very important aspect to any business plan if you want to make it big time. From then on I just practiced my walk day in day out, I made myself a modeling portfolio and applied to as many fashion agencies I could find, and then just waited for my lucky break.

2. Please tell us about some of your accomplishments within the modelling industry and describe what would be one of the most defining moments of your modelling career.

I became a MODAVIA Supermodel & stylist within two weeks of my modeling career, something that I never expected and left me gobsmacked for quite a while. I will also always cherish the time I spent as a MAD agency model and KMADD stylist, both positions were something I really worked hard for and wanted badly.
My first ever award was the JCNY Male Model Search Award which I won in January 08 It was a golden moment for me and really helped my career move a lot quicker. I think over the years I have succeeded quite well with awards and achievements. My most noted achievement to date as to be winning BOSL Mr Virtual World 09 something that will be Nicholai’s accolade achievement for his remaining future. I was also very pleased to win CheerNo Next Face 09. CheerNo is a designer that really pioneers the cutting edge of SL men’s fashion, he’s so creative and original I truely love the work CheerNo produces.
The most defining moment in my career though would have been my styling involvment with KMADD the power house of male fashion founded by Maddox DuPont & Kirk Claymore. This was something I really wanted and when Maddox DuPont asked me to join his creative styling team I was over the moon. I have learned an awful lot from my time working with KMADD and Maddox DuPont he is such a workaholic but a genius business man and an inspiration to me and many others.

3. You have certainly established yourself well within the modelling industry. Please tell us what you believe are the essential elements to being a successful model. Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

I think best advice is try your best in what you want to achieve and never give up trying, it’s always possible to live your dreams if you make the hard effort it will pay off for you in rewards.

4. What do you like and dislike about modelling?

I like the buzz and nerves of walking a catwalk show, the butterflies in my stomach just makes me what to perform to my absolute best. I also love the challenges and competitions that modeling involves it’s very competitive something which I love about it.
Things I hate is the way some noobie show producers and agency ceo’s treat their models like they are just moving cattle or referring to them as nothing more but coat hangers this really gets my back up. I valve my image and my name that I have worked so hard to get out there within this business and to be looked upon as nothing more than just a cow walking in clothes makes me fire up. Treat me or fellow peers like this and you will see Nicholai the diva unleash lol. But this is a rare and as only happened to me once in over two years or modeling.

5. Finally, please tell us what motivates you to be a model. Who inspires you the most and what is your inspiration?

My motivation is the fun of the game we all love called Second Life. I was a lost soul before I found Second Life. My motivation came from wanting to extend my usage and love for SL by finding an activity that I would be good at and with my real life background in art I found fashion styling and modeling a natural talent for me to occupy myself with. My inspiration now comes from the amazing people in SL that grace us with gorgeous clothes and hair etc I have great admiration for such talented people.

6. Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you again for this opportunity I have enjoyed my time answering your questions. And good luck to every aspiring model and model reading this spotlight interview, I sincerely hope your career lives up to everything you dream for. ❤ Nicho

Thank you so much for letting us interview you and sharing your experiences and tips to everyone.
Good Luck Nicholai. Come back soon. Please leave some comments below.