FASHION CALENDAR: Evane Presents a Charity Auction for Haiti 2/15&16 1PM SLT

Mimmi Boas agency : Evane Models decided to do something to support Haiti.
As with Maseno Project, Evane will organize two shows with auction on 15 and 16 February at 1PM.
Evane Models and Evane Top models will present the incredible dresses created by the following awesome and generous designers for the event . They will auction unique dresses created for the event or from their current collection but realized in a unique special colour not for sale!
Salvo Waydelich, Leandra Breen and Diconay Boa are the directors of the project.


01. Aleida by Aleida Rhode
02. Angel Dessous by Nando Korobase
03. Anubis Style by Anubis Hartunian
04. Alatiel Fashion by Altiel Malies
05. Alb Fashion by AnaLee Balut
06. Donna Flora by Squinternet Larnia
07. Ginevra Lancaster
08. Le Charme Fashion by Ramona Planer and M. Marjeta
09. Paty by Emy Burt
10. Sartoria by Traveller Bade
11. Aurora Borealis jewels by Sequoia Nightfire
12. Gems and Kisses by Deliziosa Vendetta
13. Tres Beau by Kimmera Madison
14. Thea Tamura fashion by Thea Tamura
15. Bliss Couture by Amutey DeCuir
16. Violator by Soraya Vaher
17. AZUL by Mami Jewell
18. DD Style by Dadina
19. MiaMai by monica Outlander
20. Body Study by Diconay Boa
21. Abstract Reality Designs by Leilani Muircastle
22. Ora Trei by Potnia Theas
23. Mohna Lisa
24. Son!a by Sonia28 Jie
25. Sensuele Lingerie by Mirko Panacek
26. Ambergris Baphomet for Ambergris Deadly Fashion
27. Pacadi Jasha by Lotta Shelman
28. Atelier LaBubú by Boston Westland
29. Aimesi Skins by Mea Carnell
30. Kay Fairey
31. *OC* Orage creations by Elettra Gausman
32. Paty by Irisblond and Myllis Allen
33. Innuendo by Ciccia Bergamasco
34. Lemania Indigo Designs by Lemania Indigo
35. Chantkare by Applonia Criss
36. Jolie Creations by hashanty yifu & Miria Moonbeam
37. DIVINE COUTURE by Anna Rokocoko & christy hammer
38. Gracefull lilly by Talia Lefavre
39. RED PASSION* by Katiuscia Vollmar
40. Faster Pussycat by Honey Bender
41. Fellini Couture by Joy Fellini
42. Xavier Thunders XTC Leather
43. B! Fashion by Barbarella Cioc


Thank you everyone!
“Ocean is made by drops”
Mimmi Boa
Evane Models Agency Owner and General Manager

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