CONFESSIONS JOB ALERT: F.A.M.E. Agency is casting models this weekend.

FAME Inc! A newly established Agency & Models Academy, founded by Hermione Mocha & Clif Sharktooth. Hermione and Clif have much experience in SL Modelling. Clif making a name for himself as a high profile SL Model and Hermione as one of JCNY’s Leading Ladies.

AND Now, the moment everyone has been talking about! Here, you will find out about the much talked about Open Model Casting! Where you will have the chance to become a FAME Model!
On a panel of three judges and FAME’s leading gentlemen and ladies, Clif Sharktooth, Hermione Mocha & Donnatella Couturier.
| You will be required to Walk down the runway twice, once casual, once formal, each time must have different poses.
– One Pose per dot, 10 seconds.
– Two Poses for the top dot, 20 seconds.

NOTE: You will walk twice on the runway, all poses must be different!
In this casting you must also showcase your best formal & casual, to show us your taste in garments and your self styling skills.

If you are selected you will be informed after the casting, and will receive an invite shortly after!

The casting times:
1. Saturday, February 13 at 10:00am SLT.
2. Sunday, February 14 at 2:00PM SLT.
3. Sunday, February 14 at 6:00pm SLT.


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