MAGAZINE: MANIERA Anniversary Edition (Feb Issue) Now Available

The MANIERA Magazine Anniversary Edition is finally available now in SL in-world. The sexy cover features The New Face of Beningborough: Keira Tyles in a sexy provocative pose photographed by the talented AtomicSparkle Bambi.
Articles and magazine spreads covered the topics of SEX, LOVE, and MARRIAGE Second Life Style in a unique way by featuring the models in popular hot, steamy, romantic movie scenes. Believe me, IT’S HOT. I know because I’m one of the models representing SEX with the popular movie 9 1/2 WEEKS. Other movies featured include Romeo & Juliet, Mrs. Robinson and many more…. Go Pick Up a Copy.

Another reason why this Anniversary Issue is extra special is because it contains the list of ONES to WATCH in 2010. Mikey and I with our blog: CONFESSIONS of an SL Top Model are so honored and blessed to be included in the Maniera Magazine’s List. Because of you, This blog was named as ONE to Watch in 2010. We thank everyone who follows our blog for their friendship and support because this wouldn’t have been possible without you wonderful people. We really appreciate all your support. TYSM.

Congratulations to all the talented people named by Maniera Magazine’s ONES to Watch in 2010. Here is the group picture below done by AtomicSparkle which includes blackLiquid Tokyoska, Maxes Loon and many others. You just have to pick up a copy to know more. =) Do you recognize these faces?

* A very special THANK YOU to MANIERA Magazine especial Topaz, Sami and Maniera staff for this wonderful and utterly amazing honor. This is one of the best things that ever happened to us and we are extremely grateful.


  1. Just wanted to say its been a great pleasure to see how far you two have come. I remember how impressed I was with both of you when you BOTH were named Maniera Men of Style. You both were still so new to the industry and WOW look at you guys now.

    Your blog is fantastic, fun, and so positive which is so refreshing to see.
    Congrats again and thank you for all of your hard work and support you give to all of us in this crazy industry.

    Much Love


    • HI Topaz,

      Thank You so much for your friendship and support.
      You are and have always been one of my role models/mentors because you are an amazing person. You took a big chance and invited us to the Maniera family when we were both unknowns. You stood up for me and defended me. That is something I will never forget and will always be grateful.

      TYSM for picking our blogs as Ones to Watch for in 2010.
      It is an amazing honor especially coming form MANIERA Magazine.

      Best Wishes.

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