CONFESSIONS News Reel: New Agency “F.A.M.E.” Opening Soon

FAME! Models Agency & Academy.
The Voice of Fashion!
FAME! A newly established Agency & Models Academy, founded by Hermione Mocha & Clif Sharktooth. Hermione and Clif have much experience in SL Modelling. Cliff making a name for himself as a high profile SL Model and Hermione as one of JCNY’s Leading Ladies.

Including a mall on the charming half French style SIM. Building is still currently in progress.

FAME! Has appointed Donnatella Couturier as The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who will handle staff, promotion, events and assist management of FAME. Donnatella has much experience in the PR World and has earned a name for herself as a PR Guru & Businesswomen.

FAME Models is currently planning an open casting for models, anyone may show up, the best with all requirements will be selected. Supermodels will be invited by private selection. Currently management of the agency will be handled by Donnatella, Hermione and Clif.

FAME! Mission Statement.
The Voice of Fashion!

FAME Inc! Only serves you with the best modelling and training. CEO’s Hermione Mocha and Clif Sharktooth are devoted to providing you with the best shows and models.

FAME Academy, gives aspiring models a taste of the hard and brutal world of SL Fashion, with strict rules to obey & deadlines to meet with full quality. These aspiring amateurs will quickly develop into self managed and elite SL models.

FAME Models Agency provides you with showcases of SL’s most unique and breathtaking designs. Modelled by well trained and quality people.

FAME Mall has a wide selection of top designer creations and future dominant fashion brands.

We have zero tolerance on DRAMA. We require all models to take personal problems with peers away from FAME, no excuses! All staff problems should be reported to Senior Management ~ Hermione Mocha, Clif Sharktooth & Donnatella Couturier.

Warmest Regards,

Hermione Mocha, Clif Sharktooth, Donnatella Couturier,
CEO & Founder, CEO & Founder, CMO,

*CASTINGS for models are coming soon. Keep an eye out.

CONTEST: Faces of Moolto 2010 Video Promo

There were over 500 entries and it is down to the homestretch as a pair of models(both male and female) will be chosen as this years “Faces of Moolto”.

Login to on February 13th, 2010 and casts your vote for your favorites. Goodluck to all the finalists. Thank you everyone for all your support for all the contestants.


Apollo Call
Jarl Soderstrom
RicoRacer Flux
Salvo Waydelich
Spencer Christenson

Diconay Boa
Haidyn Inglewood
Julia Brand
Mina Pelazzi
Suri Alex

Video Models
Mikey Batriani
Katherine Comet
Maxes Loon. CEO

Film & Editing
PriMajicka Studios
Synthia Quintess, CEO-Videographer
Constantine Carpaccio, CEO/Videographer