FASHION CALENDAR: BeStyle Male Calendar Show 2/9 1PM SLT

BeStyle Fashion District Agency Presents:

The BeStyle Top Male Models Calendar 2010 Fashion Event

Come See Second Life’s Hottest Male Models and Supermodels in One Show. February 9 at 1PM SLT at Rodeo Drive

Presenting THE BeStyle Male Calendar WINNERS: (in a no particular order)

1 Salvo Waydelich
2 Allenclive Beaumont
3 Phillipp Dollinger
4 Daniele Eberhardt
5 Jarl Soderstrom
6 Clyde Saunders
7 Umverto Giano
8 Apollo call
9 Liam Netizen
10 RicoRacer Flux
11 Burly Tigerpaw
12 Tesan Lane

They will be modeling SL’s Top Menswear designers:
Styles of Edo
Anubis Style
Champagne! Sparkling Fashions
Lapointe & Bastchilde

Don’t Miss This Show!

CONTEST: Miss Queen of Beauty 2010

*Picture is not the actual Crown. Only used as an Image.


The ‘Queen of Beauty’ returns.
Sabine Blackburn was crowned as Miss Queen Beauty in 2008 who went on to be in the 3rd place in the contest Miss Virtual World, among others.

This year designers:

– Uzuri
– Meghindo
– Morea Style
– Samahi Couture
– Diram
– Felini Couture
– Solylence
– (…)


It is not a popularity contest. A professional jury will be composed to describe the winner. You must have experience in modeling of at least 3 months. The entry open to get too controversial when the winner is announced.

Registration will be open from 03 February 2010 to March 1st, 2010.

-1st A selection will be 02 March 2010, on photo and resume.

-The final will take place halves during a show organized for this purpose: March 13, 2010.
At the end of this semi final 10 girls go in the final.

March 20, 2010.

All applications must be submitted to the Mariella Spitteler March 1st, 2010 at 1pm SLT at the latest.

Subscription Required Group:
D’ior Modeling Agency: c7ed493a-4028-afe8-F254-f03cb2c220c4.

All applications must be done by folder. No notecard. You must include:
– A Portrait
– A photo of the entire body.

The file should be renamed: Queen of Beauty 2010 (Your name here).

All applications not meeting the rules will not be saved.

All the information you need will be done in the group.


The winner of the title Queen of Beauty won:
 – 10000L $ cash
– 1500L$ Gift Card Diram
– 1000L$ Gift Card Uzuri
– 1 Felini dress of your choice
– 1000l$ in gift card for Meghindo Store

The 1st runner:
– 1000l$ Gift Card Diram
– 500l$ Gift Card Uzuri
– 800L$ gift card Meghindo
– 500L$ gift card Solylence

 The 2nd runner
– 500L$Gift Card Diram
– 700L$ gift card Meghindo
– 500L$ gift card Solylence

Best regard
Good Luck all