Model’s Closet: AtomicBambi’s First Line of Men’s Skin

The very talented photographer and designer extraordinaire AtomicSparkle Skytower finally made a very realistic handsome skin and shape for men.

.::AtomicBambi New Release : Male SK!N – Christian SK!N & SHAPE::.

Yes, this one is for the boys!

The Christian SK!N is realistically detailed, super handsome, and comes in 3 skin tones.
With hair base, body hair, and freckles options, there are 8 skins in each pack – and great value at 975L per pack!

SPECIAL WEEKEND PRICE: The Christian SKIN ‘Atomic Packs’ have 80 skins in them, and for this weekend only, are marked down to 2999L (they go to the usual price of 3999L on Monday)

So, boys get on down to AtomicBambi – and girls, bring your boys with you and now everyone can get themselves some gorgeous!

❤ Atomic

1. Designer Name: AtomicSparkle Skytower
2. Name of store: AtomicBambi
3. SLURL of store:
4. Landmark to store:
5. URL of website/blog:
6. Products: Skins, Hair Corsages, Dress Corsages, Bridal Bouquets


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