JUST FOR FUN: Monkey Business

The Opium Fashion Agency Metaverse Reloaded Show just kicked Ass.
The set, the outfits, the models…everything was outrageous and awesome.
There I was on stage in my AlphaTribe outfit for the Grand Finale when I saw a little monkey struggling to climb up the futuristic stage. He managed to fly over the barrier and merrily went up to the front of the stage. I was thinking….Oh OH, Here comes trouble. LOL. He then tried to present a bouquet of roses to our center model

Sorry buddy but NO MONKEY BUSINESS on the Opium Stage. LMAO.

The poor guy looks so cute though.

You can still catch the last Metaverse Reloaded Show tonight at 6PM SLT 2/5/10.
But no monkey business. You have been warned. ;p lol.

Thank you to Alpha Auer for the picture. Here is the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/alpha_auer/

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