“Scene It”: Boulevard Agency Presents The Tres Beau Collection Video

Boulevard Agency, THE Mecca of Model Management Brings you the 1st Collection of 2010 from Kimmera Madisons, Tres Beau. These gorgeous designs to die for, are presented by La Creme De La Creme of Supermodels of the Boulevard Agency….

Boulevard Agency
Founded by Frolic Mills

Kay Fairey
Producer, Director, and Hosts

Aris Earnshaw, Music Director, Composer and Arranger

Blvd Models

Miss Virtual World 2010- Miaa Rebane
Miss Virtual World 2009-Mimmi Boa
Miss Virtual World 2008-Isabel Brocco
Mikey Batriani
Katherine Comet
Phillip Dollinger
Tiffany Dragonash
Wicca Merlin

Tres Beau-Kimmera Madison

Film * Editing
PriMajicka Studios
Synthia Quintessa, CEO * Videographer
Constantine Carpaccio, CEO Videographer
WEB: http://primajickastudios.blogspot.com/

1 Comment

  1. I was stunned by this video.

    You have several MAJOR talents swirling together here: Frolic’s Boulevard Models, Synthia & Co on the cam , Kimmera’s clothing, and Kay Fairey directing it. Then you add in the minimalistic set, perfecto


    You stir the clothes and music into this amalgam and you have something worth drinking deep.

    Good job eveyone


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