FASHION CALENDAR: Opium Fashion Agency Presents “Metaverse Reloaded”

OPIUM FASHION AGENCY Presents OPIUM TALES: Metaverse Reloaded.
February 4th – Noon & 6 PM SLT
Febryary 5th – 6 PM SLT

Featured Designers:
Thea Tamura Fashion
Alpha Tribe
Gems & Kisses
The Stringer Mausoleum
Talon Faire

Anastacia Markova
Kay Fairey
Miaa Rebane
Wicca Merlin
RicoRacer Flux
Katherine Comet
Marcus Knight
Amber Quinzet
Veronica Krasner
Devlin Muircastle
Accacia Brissot
Aspen Parx
Apollo Call
Trystan Zeid
Locked Semaphore
Ella Quinsette
Hollee Zhora
& Many More…

Do you think the video is awesome? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Opium Fashion Agency is proud to bring you Opium Tales- Metaverse Reloaded. Opium will RAWK the metaverse for a huge explosion. Join us for 9 amazing designers. The Best of the best SL Top Models.. A Set that will literally..PULL.. YOU…IN. Make sure you come early and get your seat as the sim will fill up fast. Please refrain from having an Arc higher than 1000. This will be monitored due to all the amazing special effects. From Our World.. To Yours.. Eternity Awaits.. Feb 4th at noon and 6pm slt, Feb 5th at 6pm slt 2010. Proudly sponsored by

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