Contest Results: Mr & Miss Moolto 2010 FINALISTS

Over 250 SL residents have applied to be the Face and Spokesperson for
Thirteen Men and Thirteen Women were chosen to be a Pre Semi-Finalists.
Maxes Loon, CEO of Moolto, personally interviewed each contestant to pick the TOP TEN MEN & TOP TEN WOMEN to be Semi-Finalists.

And the competition just began….
Over the next few weeks, the 6,000 members of Moolto were encouraged to pick their favorites and they voted by the hundreds to make their voices count for 30% of the total score.
On January 23, the semi-finalists were grilled with tough interview questions in a live stage to be judged by a selected panel of high profile talented VIPs from across all fields in SL. The judges scores tally up to 70% of the final score.
You can see the a script of the event here:

AFTER All the trials and tribulations…

*From Maxes Loon:
The Finalists:
The management team is proud to announce the ten finalists in this year’s Mr. and Miss Moolto contest.
Those going forward into the finals are:

Apollo Call
Jarl Soderstrom
RicoRacer Flux
Salvo Waydelich
Spencer Christenson

Diconay Boa
Haidyn Inglewood
Julia Brand
Mina Pelazzi
Suri Alex

Congratulations to the finalists and many thanks to ALL the contestants who made it as far as the semi finals.

So what’s next?

This contest is far from over! So far we have seen how the entrants responded to the pressure of appearing in public while answering some difficult questions. The next stage will determine how well they work in teams and will give them chance to express their creative ideas in front of an even tougher panel of judges at the grand final on February 27th. members will also be asked to vote for their favorite finalists from the 13th-27th February.
Make sure you keep watching this group for postings on what the finalist’s next challenge will be over the next two days.
Sincere thanks to everyone who has taken time to vote in this contest. As a member your opinions matter!

And a felt ‘Thank You’ to all the sponsors of this contest:

Maxes Loon


PLEASE no further public votes until after Feburary 13th when the next part of the MMM challenge will be revealed. Any public votes until the 13th will not be counted.

*Taken from Press Release at Mr & Miss Moolto Group Contest:


  1. Ummmmm



    That’s what went through my mind when I was asked the question about my mother. She does know about my SLife. She asks about it frequently. When her new laptop arrives it will be quick enough to run SL well and she may spend more time in SL then she does now.

    I think the only way to answer a question like that is with humor. Is there a “geriatric grid” in SL???? I have no clue. I’m sure many elderly people that love SL. I tried to conduct myself with class and style during, and subsequent, to this event which I enjoyed a great deal. The people I met during it made the investment of time and effort worth it.

    I did forget one thing during this contest interlude though. Moolto is “owned” by Maxes Loon and Maxes clearly states Moolto’s rulez in the Moolto TOS. They are HIS rulez. I should have taken those to heart.

    As an American I tend to take for granted certain INALIENABLE rights granted by our Constitution. I’m used to speaking my mind and I will have to remember that if (I’ve been suspended it seems) I have any future interactions I have in the Moolto realm where such individual rights are not INALIENABLE. These rights are subject to censorship by a higher authority. Moolto is Maxes’ baby and Maxes has shown that he can, and will, run it the way he wishes as he should.

    Good luck with the remainder f the contest

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

  2. Well CSLTM’s own Ricoracer Flux kicked SERIOUS ass in both the popular phase and the judged aspects of this event stomping everyone to the ground. No surprise to me btw. Rico is very popular and was very dignifiedand self-effacing in how he handled this.

    Ricowalked his talk and wowed the audience at the event with his humor and thinking and carried the day there. If you want to read that event’s transcript you can at:

    Here is Rico’s answer to the “surprise question that got sprung on him. He won over the women in the audience with this one.

    Bliss Windlow shouts: RicoRacer – This is an award that you have to share which makes this contest very unique and intersting. I am interested in your abilities to share under difficult circumstances. Can you tell us about a time you actually were able to share the remote from the tv with a female, what some of the conflicts were for you, and how you ended up handling it?

    Nave Fall groans………………

    Apollo Call gasps

    Clyde saunders chuckles

    Jarl Soderstrom ganshes his teeth

    Salvo Waydelich mumbles softly to himself in Italian

    RicoRacer Flux shouts: OMG…no one shares my TV… im kidding…
    Bliss Windlow: lol

    Voff Uggla: ☺”Giggles”☺

    RicoRacer Flux shouts: Actually I love chick flicks and romantic movies so I usually get along with my fellow fabulous Goddesses..but Definitely Ladies rule… They get the remote. * sorry Fellas.

    That one put it away for him I think

    Good job Rico……….

    I’m just

    Nave Fall

    • Thanks Nave. I was honestly very surprised that you are not in the finals.
      I really love your answers. I was laughing so hard about the geriatric grid. I thought you showed composure and class in the face of a stressful situation by using humor.
      You have a wonderful talent with words and writing plus you are a genius in marketing and networking. I’m confused.
      I thought Clyde would be a finalist too. He is awesome and he answered very well.
      I didn’t expect to have such high marks in the judges votes. I was just being my “goofy” self.
      I actually wanted to answer that question seriously about “compromise” but opted for a fun answer instead.
      Thank you so much for your kind words and friendship.
      I’m just grateful and honored to be up on the stage with you guys.
      I really meant what I said in my first answer that I feel like a “small fish” in the sea being up there with such a high caliber talented group of people.
      Me thinks….”What are you doing here, Rico?” lol

      Best Wishes Always.
      RicoRacer Flux

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