Confessions Teaser: Opium Fashion Agency Presents “Metaverse RELOADED” Video Teaser

“Opium is about to out do themselves once again as they present what is sure to be a phenomenal show to all in the fashion industry. Here’s a sneak preview of their upcoming show “Metaverse Reloaded” which will be presented on February 4th and 5th. That’s Right!!! this futuristic event is going to be so hot they’ve added a second day.

Designers to present are as follow:

Thea Turman Fashions
Gems & Kisses
Lion Skins
VvB Stilettos
Talon Faire
Alpha Tribe

Opium Models on the Video:
Katherine Coment
Nisa Constantine
Harlee Lane
Anastacia Markova
Aspen Parx
More Ying

Film & Editing
Primajicka Studios
Constantine Carpaccio, CEO/Videographer
Synthia Quintessa, CEO/Videographer

This Show is proudly sponsored through Moolto

* Special THANK YOU to Synthia Quitessa and Opium for this fabulous video.

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