Hello Everyone,

We have provided a space for you to voice whatever is on your mind related to SL Fashion and Modeling.

At the very top under CONFESSIONS tab, Post your voice under comments.

We want to give you a voice on this blog because you have been really amazing in supporting us. Our blog has gotten daily hits of 50 to over 250 and weekly hits of over one thousand. TYSM! Our goal for this blog has always been to provide an up to date information on the SL Fashion Industry. We ask your help to post on whatever we may have missed to mention on our blog. We are also interested in your thoughts, opinions, ideas, questions as well as your CONFESSIONS about the Second Life Fashion Industry and Modeling. If you have any negative feedback or criticisms about a person, agency, or place of business, We ask that: 1. You Identify Yourself Fully. 2. State the reason for your views. 3. Be Professional and Avoid Foul language. Otherwise, we reserve the right not to post it or remove it. Thanks. =)

We take feedback on our blog as well here. Let us know what you think of this blog and how we can improve. If you have someone who you think is exceptional and deserves to be spotlighted, let us know please. If you have any events or anything you want everyone to know, post it as well.

Again, We want to hear from you and please POST on the CONFESSIONS tab at the very top under comments.

We thank you and look forward to hear from all of you.

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