FASHION & MUSIC: FIRE by The Ohio Players starring Diane Handschuch

ARTIST: The Ohio Players
MODEL: Diane Handschuch
FASHION: Silent Night Lingerie Outfit from Blacklace in Red Satin & Lace.
MODEL INFO: I began modeling in SL on the 22nd of Dec. 2008 upon graduating from the Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy. Since graduating I have over time developed my beauty here in SL to represent an overall sense of harmony that is pleasing to the eye and showcases my originality and artistry.


LYRICS:Fire by The Ohio Players

Hey, now, huh-huh
Hey, hey, hey, no, (Ow, now)
Hey, now, huh-huh
Hey, hey, hey, no

Fire (Uh) [Uh]
Fire (It’s all about) [Uh, uh]
Fire (Woo, woo, woo)

The way you walk and talk really sets me off
To a fuller love, child, yes, it does, uh
The way you squeeze and tease, knocks to me my knees
Cause I’m smokin, baby, baby

The way you swerve and curve, really wrecks my nerves
And I’m so excited, child [Yeah], woo, woo
The way you push, push let me know that you’re good
[You’re gonna get your wish] Oh, yeah

Fire (What I said, child, ow)
Fire (Uh-huh)
Got me burnin, burnin, burnin
Got me burnin, burnin, burnin (Yeah)
Got me burnin, burnin, burnin (Yeah)

Start burnin, burnin baby
Ooh. Ooh, ooh, ooh
Burnin, burnin baby
Oh, baby

When you shake what you got, and girl, you’ve got a lot
You’re really somethin, child, yes, you are
When you’re hot you’re hot, you really shoot your shot
You’re dyn-o-mite, child, yeah

Well, I can tell by your game, you’re gonna start a flame
Love, baby, baby
I’m not gon’ choke from the smoke, got me tightenin up my stroke
Do you feel it, girl, yeah