CONTEST: Mr & Miss Face of Moolto Update (Second Round)

* Hey Everyone,
I made it to the next round of the Mr & Miss Moolto 2010 contest and I need your help.
If you think I can represent and be the Face of Moolto 2010, Please kindly vote for me. =)
Otherwise, pick your favorites but please vote and give some support to the awesome semi-finalists who I am honored to be even mentioned in the same group.

Go to the link at the end below and put your votes under comments for one male and one female that represents Moolto best. You can only vote once and your latest vote is the one that counts.

Congratulations to all the Semi-Finalist.

Thanks so much.
RicoRacer Flux

A word from Mr. Maxes Loon:

Well, this contest is starting to hot up. I have personally interviewed all semi finalists and what a great crowd of people they are. I can confidently say each of them would represent Moolto brilliantly-but this is not all my decision! Now it’s time to ask Moolto members who they think should win. We are now opening this contest to the public vote which will close after the semi finals.

The semi final contest will be at 12pm on Saturday January 23rd on moolto sim where a selected panel of judges will be asking questions followed by a ball with live DJ’s and promises to be a huge party and all Moolto members are invited.
So who is your favorite contestants-one male and one female and why do they deserve to win? Add your comments and vote today! Your voice counts because 30% of all final scores will be from the public voting round after all; the winners will be representing the whole of the Moolto community so make sure you have your say!

Vote for your favorite male AND female contestant once. If you change your mind-Moolto will only count your last choice.

The semi finalists and the designers they will be representing at the semi finals are:

The Mr.’s
Apollo Call – Vanilla C. Designs
Chief Blackhawk – SF Design
Clyde Saunders – PurpleMoon Creations
Gianmario Masala – Delirium Style
Jarl Soderstrom – Sartoria
Nave Fall – Babele Fashion
RicoRacer Flux – Utopia
Salvo Waydelich – VoguE – Style
Seth Diabolito – Mayden couture
Travis Madrigal – Miamai

The Misses
Diconay Boa – MEB Fashion
Gretta Graves – AZUL
Gwen Debruyere – Ginevra Lancaster Fashion – Purple Rose Jewelry – Sophistishapes
Haidyn Inglewood – House of Beningborough
Julia Brand – Opa’s Boutique
Leandra Breen – Tukinowaguma Hair Style – Angel Dessous
Mina Pelazzi – Alatiel Fashions
Music Hyun – Gems and Kisses – Violator
Trixee Trotter – Bliss Couture
Voff Uggla – DD Style

Leave all comments and the name of the contestants you want to vote for in the MMM group.

Good luck everybody!

Maxes Loon

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