CONTEST: Maniera Magazine’s WHO TO WATCH OUT FOR in 2010.


Maniera Magazine’s editorial team is compiling a list of talented people in SL who we think are ‘Ones to Watch in 2010’, and who will feature in a spread in the February 1st Year Anniversary Edition of Maniera Magazine.

We’d love for you to be involved in helping identify more talented people for this list in the categories below (feel free to suggest more than one person in each category):

Fashion Designer – [Avatar Name Here]
Photographer/Artist – [Avatar Name Here]
Entrepreneur – [Avatar Name Here]
Blogger – [Avatar Name Here]
Fashion Model – [Avatar Name Here]
Entertainment – [Avatar Name Here]

We are looking for talented people who:

a) are up and coming within their category
b) show potential for growth and success in 2010
c) are dynamic, talented, and unique innovators within their categories.

The final list of Ones to Watch in 2010 will be selected by the Maniera Editorial team, and the decisions will be final.

Please fill in your suggestions by 5th January and return to either Topaz Joubert or AtomicSparkle Skytower.

Thanks! And Happy New Year from Maniera! 🙂

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