There is a fresh model in 2009 who took the SL Fashion World by storm. Her stardom shined so bright because of her hard work and dedication to modeling, as well as her very unique fashion sense and amicable attitude. Her name and face are easily recognizable whether you see her on the magazines or in the runway. Wicca is not afraid to be different but still remains fashionable. She turns heads and is the center of attention wherever she goes. Her modeling resume is a dream for many but only a few can achieve. She is in all the top agencies right now including AVENUE, Boulevard, EIMA, Diversity, ModelX, GIA, OPIUM, Catalyst of Fantasy, L.A. Modeling Agency, TOMA and others. She graduated from the best modeling academies in SL such as Neiva Kumasi, GIA-Glance International Academy and AVENUE Academy.

She is truly an extraordinary person and that is why we are so happy to spotlight her. Please give her some love.

Q. Please tell us about yourself and how you ventured into the modeling industry.

WM: My Avatar was born on January the 31th in 2007. I was in SL exploring a lot for a long time. One day, I searched for a new challenge and I met an old friend of mine at Stilleto Moodys. We talked a bit and she told me that she is a model. I asked her a whole lot about modeling . A few days later, I met another 2 old friends and saw in their profiles that they are models too now, so I thought to myself that I was always interested in styling and fashion in RL so I decided to try my luck in modeling. I started with JCNY and signed on at the Glance Academy. After that, My modeling career took off and it went better from day to day!

Q: Please tell us about some of your accomplishments within the modeling industry and describe what would be one of the most defining moments of your modeling career.

WM: I am not sure if it is an accomplishment but I found that I love training and helping others whether if they are aspiring models, friends or people who asked me for advice. I am very grateful as I was helped when I started my way into modeling. I am very happy that I am allowed to train others for GLANCE now. I am very proud to see my students make their way in the SL modeling industry. For example: When I see a show and see a model that I trained at GLANCE Academy, that gives me great pride and joy. 😉

Also it is great to see yourself in magazines or on store adds. Those are very great moments for me and I feel so lucky that I am allowed to do that 🙂 Maybe I am not one of the “usual” models. I have edges and I dare to show them some unique and fierce fashion styles. I am a perfectionist always. I am never satisfied with what I do and always try to make it better the next time. Maybe that is one of the reasons that brought me as far as I am. I am never sure where I am in any rankings. I never think about if I am a “Top” Model. I am a model that loves her work. 🙂

I walked in lots of fashion shows. I had the great honor to be in different magazines like Glance Magazine, Avenue Magazine, Catalyst of Fantasy Magazine and a few more. I was lucky as I was asked to store model for different stores and I was given great jobs on some agencies as a trainer, stylist , blogger or etc…
Overall, I have to say that I am a very lucky girl who is very grateful for all the opportunities to do something that I enjoy very well.

Q: You have certainly established yourself well within the modeling industry. Please tell us what you believe are the essential elements to being a successful model. Do you have any advice for aspiring models?

WM: The industry itself for me is an everyday growing challenge. There are many models out there and the jobs are limited. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be picked for modeling jobs in SL. It is not enough I think to have just a pretty avatar to survive for a long time. You have to network all the time and not even in world. For me it is not much different to the RL fashion industry, I think it comes pretty close.
I think that one of the most important things is to be yourself…never lose your personality. Not one job can be as important that you disown your character or yourself. Dare to be you with your character, personality and even with your own style. What I noticed is that many aspiring models try to copy well known ones. I think that is the wrong way. They are well known in the business and they use it cause they once started as what they are…so we don’t need clones of them I think. Better respect their work and try to make your own way and style. You can ask them I think for help and advices but don’t copy them by skin , shape and other things..that makes no sense.

Also, I am afraid to tell you but you have to have a good PC. All the runway shows for example will request a high running PC with a good hardware. If you think that modeling is a way to make money and get famous…forget it. It will cost you lindens to be always up to date on the latest releases. You will be ask to match your outfits with a wide assortment of skins and accessories.

Be yourself and make your own way. Don’t jump on a running train that left already..better to be the first that jumps on the new upcoming train 😉

Q: What do you like and dislike about modeling?

WM: I like that I can be creative and that I am allowed to show designers all the hard work and creativity whether on the runway, print jobs or with blogging. Also, it is great to share your likings with all the models close to you or working with you in the same agencies. It is amazing if you make contacts to designers and you are told that you are the one they like to show their designs on. Those are moments that open my heart and I am sure that it is the right way and I am right in what I do.

What I definitely don’t like is all that drama that is always around. People are jealous on others success and can’t be happy for them. For myself, I have very rare close friends I share my accomplishments with. But in general, I try to be quiet because I am scared always that someone will be jealous and tries to “hunt my head”. Sometimes that makes me sad but all the nice and great moments take all that away…:-)

Q: Finally, please tell us what motivates you to be a model. Who inspires you the most and what is your inspiration?

WM: It is because I love everything about modeling. Training, styling, mix and matching designs, be a little crazy sometimes, be creative, do pictures, get pictures done…that all I am allowed to combine in the modeling job. The feeling that I am on the right way with what I do and all the lovely people that greet me every day or ask me for my advice or for help…they motivate me a lot!

I get my inspirations from RL and SL…all that I see I take in my mind and there are different ways to bring them in. If it is music, lyrics, magazines, talking to other people…all that can be inspirations which you can use if they fit.

Q. Please feel free to share anything else you wish to add such as any additional comments etc.

WM: SL is an amazing possibility to be what you want to be. You can show off your style anyways what you are in RL. You can show your sense for fashion on a body that can be changed for what it needs…I think it is a great opportunity.
Further, I would like to thank Rico and Mikey, for the honor to let me be a part of such a great row of amazing models before me and I am sure after me in the Confessions Model Spotlight.

If you are interested to know more about me…visit:


Thank you so much Wicca for allowing us to interview you and letting our readers peek into your fabulous fashion world and experiences. Please leave some comments for Wicca. TY.

*Photographer: Julie Hastings

CONTEST: Maniera Magazine’s WHO TO WATCH OUT FOR in 2010.


Maniera Magazine’s editorial team is compiling a list of talented people in SL who we think are ‘Ones to Watch in 2010’, and who will feature in a spread in the February 1st Year Anniversary Edition of Maniera Magazine.

We’d love for you to be involved in helping identify more talented people for this list in the categories below (feel free to suggest more than one person in each category):

Fashion Designer – [Avatar Name Here]
Photographer/Artist – [Avatar Name Here]
Entrepreneur – [Avatar Name Here]
Blogger – [Avatar Name Here]
Fashion Model – [Avatar Name Here]
Entertainment – [Avatar Name Here]

We are looking for talented people who:

a) are up and coming within their category
b) show potential for growth and success in 2010
c) are dynamic, talented, and unique innovators within their categories.

The final list of Ones to Watch in 2010 will be selected by the Maniera Editorial team, and the decisions will be final.

Please fill in your suggestions by 5th January and return to either Topaz Joubert or AtomicSparkle Skytower.

Thanks! And Happy New Year from Maniera! 🙂

CONTEST: Divine Couture Photo Model’s Fair 2010

Divine Photo-Model Contest :

Sponsored by:,Glance Magazine,Glance Agency,SLFONE, Fashion Art Photo Studio by Hermes Kondor and Mina Pelazzi,Priscilla Collins Jewels

Divine Couture is excited to announce that in 2010 we will select an official female model each month!

How to join:

1. Wear an outfit from Divine Couture (gift dresses and subscriber gift dresses are not allowed) and make photos of yourself. Your photos may not include nudity or content related to sex, pornographic images or unsuitable web content.

2. Join the group Divine Couture in world and on PixeLook ( * Be sure that your nickname on Pixelook is the same as your in world name.

3. The photos will be posted on PixeLook and shared in the Divine’s forum group.

4. Each participant may submit 2 photos, one each of 2 different outfits, or two looks with the same outfit.

5. Photos can be modifiable with Photoshop or similar programs, but should not contain text.

6. Participants should include Divine Couture Main Store in their profile picks.

Deadlines and dates :

Entries must be submitted by 12:00 AM slt on the 21th of each month.
Finalists will be announced on the 25th of each month on PixeLook Group
The winner will be selected by Divine Staff and a technical jury, will be showcased in Divine Couture Group and on PixeLook, and in world at a special event organized by Divine Couture Headquarters on the 28th of each month.

AWARDS :::♛♛______::♛♛ 55,000 L$:::♛♛______♛♛

The winner will be and will win :

* The title of Divine PhotoModel for the current month and will be the unique and official model for vendors and advertising images for the month, displayed in all Divine Couture Stores around SL. Photos will be taken by Fashion Art Studio by H.Kondor and M.Pelazzi, photographers.

*A linden prize of L$10,000 offered by

* A class in Glance Academy , value of 8,000 L$

* A spread on Glance Magazine ( as model for Divine for the month)

* A SLFONE The Evolution, value of 5,000L$

* A Divine Couture Gift Card of L$12,000L

* A Model Book Offered By Fashion Art Studio by Hermes Kondor and MIna Pelazzi, value of 15,000L$

* Special Crown and Jewels Set offered by Priscilla Collins, value of 5,000L$

Registration for the competition involves the transfer of the rights of the image(s). Divine Couture reserves may use the images for commercial purposes / information / advertising without any reservations or advance notice. The staff reserves the right to eliminate competitors, without notice if they do not comply with the regulation.

For information contact:

Giselle Temple, Divine Manager
Celeszta Szondi, Divine Manager

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