CONGRATULATIONS to all the contestants who made it to the Semi-Finalist Rounds.
Good Luck to All of YOU.

*Taken from the Moolto Website.

MMM Semi finalists release

Congratulations to all our semi finalists!! We were overwhelmed by the incredible response we received to this competition and thank all the entrants for taking the time to be part of this our first Mr and Miss contest.

We have decided that we will have 26 finalists instead of the 20 we were originally going to have. 13 men, 13 women. We will continue on to the next phase of ‘one on one’ interviews with all contestants and CEO Maxes Loon, following which the final 20 semi finalists will be chosen.

Our 26 first phase semi finalists are:
• Apollo Call
• Chief Blackhawk
• Clyde Saunders
• Gianmario Masala
• Jacek Short
• Jarl Soderstrom
• Nave Fall
• RicoRacer Flux
• Salvo Waydelich
• Seth Diabolito
• Spencer Christenson
• Travis Madrigal
• Wurlitzer Seisenbacher

• Diconay Boa
• Glitter Bolissima
• Gretta Graves
• Gwen Debruyere
• Haidyn Inglewood
• Ipkiss Igaly
• Julia Brand
• Leandra Breen
• Mina Pelazzi
• Music Hyun
• Suri Alex
• Trixee Trotter
• Voff Uggla

Stay tuned for all exciting updates on this contest by watching MMM group in Moolto!

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