FASHION CALENDAR: OPIUM Fashion Agency Presents Noir Couture 12/22 6PMSL & 12/23 1PMSL

Opium Fashion Agency presents Noir Couture: A History of Baiaistice in Black and White. This fashion show is so big that it takes two days for the Opium Models to grace the runway in the exquisite designs of Baiastice, beautifully accessorized with jewelry from CCD and Tukinowaguma hair. The show is being held December 22nd at 6pm and December 23rd at 1pm. The set is simply amazing with the theme of Old Hollywood Noir Couture Black and White.
Haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet? Well, Come see the wonderful designs of Baiastice as well as gorgeous jewelry from CCD and hair from Tukinowaguma. We got those on your list taken care of. =)

Nisa Constantine
Emma Portilo
Kay Fairey
Anastacia Markova
Lovena Allen
Wenadrenia Soderstrom
Accacia Brissot
Hollee Zhora
Marcus Night
RicoRacer Flux

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