*A note from Tia Ryba


My name is Tia Ryba and I am the CEO of TnT Modeling Agency/Academy.
I am working with Lexie Jansma of Siren Productions to produce the Menswear Fashion Week, in association with KMADD, that will run from January 8th to 16th.

This is a major event, that will receive serious attention from the men’s fashion industry. We have received over 80 positive responses so far from designers. We are a professional team and we are only interested in professional, committed male models.

These are paying shows at 200L/show.

All models must have some runway experience and must be able to communicate well in English.

If you have male models within your agency who you think might be interested please have them contact me. This is not model recruting for TnT Modeling. These models will all be put into a group for these events under Siren Productions and then will more than likely be released from the group following the events.

We have approx 25 plus shows already scheduled so WE NEED MALE MODELS. There may also be a call for a few females for a Red Carpet show etc., but we will put that call out when we know how many we need.

Thank you for your time,

Tia Ryba/TnT Modeling CEO
Siren Production Model Coordinator

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