“SCENE IT” MODELX Winter Show Video

Modelx Linnda Scoffield along with Di Hoorenbeek present a winter show extravaganza. Watch as Modelx Top Models are displayed in attires by some of the hottests clothes designers on SL..

Amutey DeCuir; Owner of Bliss Couture
Dadina Dosei; Owner of **DD Style**
Joy Fellini; Owner of Fellini Couture
Kariwanz Felisimo; Owner of KWZ
Elettra Gausman; Owner of *OC*
M4rk3tt0 Bonetto; Owner of DMD Poses
Sascha Frangilli; Owner of Sascha Designs
Sevenstar Amat; Owner of Stitch by Stitch
Mohna Lisa; Owner of Mohna Lisa Couture
swaffette Firefly; Owner of SF Designs
ziamela Loon; Owner of Jador

Annabelle Fleury
AnGeLiK Slade
Diconay Boa
Elyna Carver
JeanetD Dryke
Liam Netizen
Linnda Scofield
Natasja Schumann
Phillip Dollinger
SweetRegina DeCuir
Wenadrenia soderstrom
Wicca Merlin
Henkie Barbosa
Lilly25 Connolly
Lola Baudin
Allenclive Beaumont

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